About Raisa, Bohdan, Snails,
and a Vicious Circle
Raisa and her six-year-old son Bohdan came to Montenegro from Kyiv, and now they need our help.
Bohdan loves cars and snails. He adores watching snails crawl out onto the street after rain, and he spends hours playing with his friend Platon and toy cars.

The hours when Bohdan played with Platon and his cars used to be the only time when Raisa could actively search for work. But it's challenging – how can you work when you're alone in a foreign country, with a child in your arms, and your skills don't fit online work?

Sending Bohdan to daycare? That's an option, but it's also complicated: daycare costs money. And how do you pay when you're alone in a foreign country and unemployed?

It became a vicious circle. Breaking it proved beyond Raisa's capabilities alone.

"Fortunately, in the beginning, we were able to stay in Pristanište. It's good that later we found affordable accommodation in Budva," says Raisa. "It's good that in Pristanište, we found a volunteer tutor who became Bohdan's friend. But without steady work, we cannot survive."

Bohdan's grandmother passed away just before the war. "Maybe it's for the best that Mom didn't see this", says Raisa, looking somewhere beyond. "Next year will be easier: I hope Bohdan will go to school here. But we have to get through this year. And how?"

Bohdan has now been enrolled in the "Gnezdyshko" (Little Nest) daycare, attending three times a week – literally on credit. But this allows Raisa to seek employment, even if only part-time. In the future, "Gnezdyshko" is willing to accept the minimum fee from this family – €234 per month.

And another crucial thing. To prepare for school, Bohdan needs a mentor. It's not just about school; this boy has gone through too much in the past year and a half. That's why he needs a good adult nearby right now. We would say "for socialization, stress relief, adaptation." Bohdan would say, "someone to discuss cars with, watch snails, and talk about math." By the way, Bohdan really loves math, almost as much as snails.

Currently, Bohdan's tutor is a wonderful Pristaniste volunteer, Peter. But ideally, a qualified mentor is needed, someone who could spend as much time with the boy as necessary. The services of such a person cost approximately €7 per hour.

Before the start of the 2024 school year
Raisa and Bohdan
need €5,000 to get by
taking into account daycare and the tutor's expenses.
Let's help them together.
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