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  • Efim
    I express my gratitude to the Pristanište Foundation and say thank you to every volunteer, coordinator, founder, and resident! Thank you, guys, for creating a place where people understand each other, where support and empathy come first! It's an incredible place, and you are incredible! I would like to give special thanks to the volunteer Andrey, a kind-hearted person who, without unnecessary words, was there from the very first day, ready to help with anything he could. Andrey, I wish peace for your country, strength to your family, and all the best to you personally!
    Thank you for everything! Warmest regards.
    Glory to Ukraine!
    Freedom for Russia!
    Long live Belarus!
  • Svetlana Rudzievskaya
    I learned about Pristanište from a friend back in December 2022, and I hesitated to go until one «beautiful» moment when I burned out in Moscow, losing all sense of life. And then, from an atmosphere where I had grown accustomed to thinking that I was alone (or that there were very few of us), that the world was hostile and unfair, and that I was powerless against evil and lawlessness, I found myself in Pristanište — a world of kindness, trust, and care. I was warmly received by Andrey, who took me under his wing. Accommodation, groceries, a SIM card, assistance in a tour office — everything is meticulously organized by the foundation. And then came the meeting with a tutor, communication with a psychologist...

    In the first few days, you simply cannot believe that care for you, support, and genuine attention are a reality, not a fairy tale! Pristanište is so much more than a shelter. It is an opportunity to meet interesting and wonderful people, to get acquainted with those whom, in Russia, especially in the bustling and crowded Moscow, you would hardly ever have the chance to meet.

    Pristanište is not just a roof and an asylum — it is sincere communication, shared understanding, leisure, personal development, and the opportunity to participate in the most extraordinary events. It is a collective endeavor.
    Huge thanks to Svetlana and Alexander Shmelev for creating this foundation, to Andrey, Taya, Lyudmila, and many, many others who support life in this home for everyone! The spirit of real life, for which we came into this world.

    Here, you don’t feel like a stranger; it’s as if you’re in a new home where everyone is family. And you feel that way even when you "fly out of the nest«— there really are no former Pristanište residents! Pristanište is the people, and being among them, you realize that the future of Russia is being saved here.

    I am grateful for the friendship that triumphs over war. I thank you for preserving a piece of my life and my soul here. I leave to take a break and «reboot», hoping that I don’t say good-bye to anyone forever...

    With respect and deep gratitude, Svetlana Rudzievskaya
  • Ilya Bogomolov
    Kyiv, 09.06.23
    Love and Peace to everybody, as Pristanište gives it. With great gratitude. Leaving this wonderful place, I want to celebrate the whole foundation with admiration. Let the necessary, noble and peace-making work always bring only joy to the entire team of the Pristanište. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!
    Ilya Bogomolov, Chairman of the Board of the NGO "International Medical Assistance" and just a human.
  • Elizabeth
    Thanks to the Pristanište for the care and human warmth. And for unconditional acceptance, of course, too. For the feeling of becoming part of a large community. For events and assistance in solving everyday issues. Andrey is a kind caring nanny in the best possible way. Thank you very much. It's a little sad to leave, but the huge gratitude for this wonderful respite just overwhelms me. Thank you for the wonderful tutors and volunteers leading the classes. I wish all the best to all involved.
  • Marina
    Good bright people of the World! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to be in this wonderful, beautiful place filled with love and warmth, both of nature and the people who created such a community and space. It's great that at this time of great change, people’s hearts unite and in action create Peace on this Earth!
    I felt warmth, attention, help and support, met kind and bright people, and was inspired by all of this. This is a huge job on your part every day, but you do it with such love and warmth that it is very felt in everything.
    May your activity multiply and bring good to you.
  • Katya and Daisy
    Pristaniste - YOU are forever in my heart!
    You came my way at the most difficult times, lent a helping hand. This is very valuable to me and the people around me here.
    THANK YOU! I will not forget you! My kitty and I are very grateful.
  • Maria and Anastasia
    Thanks to Pristaniste for sheltering us for a while. We originally found out about it in the fall of 2022 and came here in February 2023.
    You know what the most magical thing about this place is? - The people! Nastya and I were blown away by how kind, friendly, outgoing, and warm everyone here is.
    Our cats, Mania and Yosya, are also grateful that they were allowed to be here. But now they are happy and live in peace in Podgorica.
    Let Pristaniste continue bloom like a beautiful flower! And we will always come here.
  • Alexander
    Thank you very much for your help, support, kindness, and warmth! Take care! Wishing peace and happiness.
  • The Butusov family
    March 18, 2023
    Pristanište, thank you very much! For giving shelter and your moral support 😊
    You have interesting activities and a lot of cool stuff going on 😊
    Our stay wasn’t long, but we still enjoyed it very much.
    Wishing luck to everyone, it’s something that everyone needs here.
  • Filimon from St. Petersburg
    February 10, 2023
    Pristanište is the best thing ever happened to me!

    When I was fleeing Russia, I didn’t know what to do, who to turn to for help. Thanks to this organization, I now see many things differently. They welcomed me, gave me a roof over my head, and provided me with necessary contacts.

    I was very touched by the fact that the administrators, Andrey and Anastasia, were sincere in their care for my psychological and physical well-being. Andrey, thank you for the stories! Nastya, thank you for the fruit and smiles!

    Hopefully, I’ll see you again.
  • The Zamyatin family
    This is a story about profound gratitude.

    Once upon a time (a long time ago) our travels took us to the Livana valley in the Georgian mountains. Night. Cold. Regular — as in asphalt and concrete — roads were non-existent there, and the one that did exist was being eroded by water and stones and washed away into the ravine… And out of nowhere appeared another traveler who took us to his house, gave us a place to stay and food and was offended when we offered to pay for his troubles. There and then we understood the nature of hospitality: If you meet in the mountains a person in need and don’t help them out, they will perish. That is, it’s not about being polite; it’s about life and death. That’s where this tradition comes from.

    Friends, you are doing a good thing — ‘Good’ with a capital G! Your help, your support — it is priceless! When we arrived here and saw these wonderful people, these inviting rooms, the food, we couldn’t help but cry. Thank you, Nastya! Thank you, Andrey! Thank you for your kindness and openness, for quickly solving all our problems. And, of course, for your words of consolation and support!

    Thank you to those kind angels behind your back — those people whose support makes Pristanište possible and to everyone who helps you go on. And, yes, it would have been very hard without your help. Keep up the good work!

    And you can count on us.

    The Zamyatin family

    P.S. You attract wonderful people. Thank you to everyone for their stories, for their company, for their music. In these era-defining times, people get separated, evil becomes obvious, good becomes sublime. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY!
  • Boris Nikolaevich
    March 2, 2023
    I am very grateful to the foundation for your help and support. What you do is very important to people who want to see PEACE in the world.
    Thank you very much to all the employees for their work.
    NO TO WAR!
  • Zoya
    February 27, 2023
    Thank you very much to the Pristanište foundation — not only for providing a place to stay, but also for the support of the community. When you have to move and change places, you start to cherish being able to turn or simply talk to someone. I’m especially grateful to volunteers Anastasia, Andrey, and Lyudmila. I have never seen a place that is more hospitable and friendly than Pristanište and, probably, won’t see in the near future. Take care!
  • The Musatov Family
    January 24, 2023
    We are immensely grateful to the Pristanište foundation. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and your earnest help. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed and showed around. The volunteers were always available to give advice or help (especially with locations), which was very important, since it was a new country for us. Such kind and caring people make the world go around. Your help is valuable and will never be forgotten! I would like to say special thanks to our tutor Anna, administrator Andrey, and senior administrator Alyona.Thank you!

  • Ruzal
    Hello Pristaniste!
    I would like to thank you very much for the support you have provided. You are doing a big job. Thank you for the people I met here. I met very sympathetic and kind people here, I found new friends. You are cool!
    With great respect for all who is doing this good deed!
  • Sergey Pshenichny
    14.01.23, Kursk, Moscow
    Thank you very much for the provided rooms in the Pristaniste! It helped me a lot, and I was able to look around in a new country, meet new people and find a source of income. Special thanks to: 1) the organizers of the Pristaniste. 2) Alena, who promptly answered my questionnaire and invited me to the Pristaniste 3) administrator Yana, who met, provided the initial set of food, told about local customs, was always in touch and answered my questions 4) residents of the Pristaniste: Vladimir, Gregory, Maxim, Andrey, Elena, Taya, Anastasia and many others 5) all other kind people who I met in Montenegro.