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  • Ruzal
    Hello Pristaniste!
    I would like to thank you very much for the support you have provided. You are doing a big job. Thank you for the people I met here. I met very sympathetic and kind people here, I found new friends. You are cool!
    With great respect for all who is doing this good deed!
  • Sergey Pshenichny
    14.01.23, Kursk, Moscow
    Thank you very much for the provided rooms in the Pristaniste! It helped me a lot, and I was able to look around in a new country, meet new people and find a source of income. Special thanks to: 1) the organizers of the Pristaniste. 2) Alena, who promptly answered my questionnaire and invited me to the Pristaniste 3) administrator Yana, who met, provided the initial set of food, told about local customs, was always in touch and answered my questions 4) residents of the Pristaniste: Vladimir, Gregory, Maxim, Andrey, Elena, Taya, Anastasia and many others 5) all other kind people who I met in Montenegro.
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