citizens of different countries living in Montenegro and united to help refugees from the war in Ukraine.

We are the Pristanište foundation,

We are the Pristanište foundation,
Who do we help?
Ukrainian citizens who had to flee from their country because of Russian armed forces invasion
Russian and Belarusian citizens with anti-war views who leave these countries because of them
What do we do?
provide temporary housing in Montenegro
provide with SIM-cards and a food supply for the initial period
offer psychological support
advise on legalization issues and obtaining a residence permit
help to find permanent housing and a job
provide access to education for children
  • Lena Golosiy and Natalia Datsenko
    January 26, 2024, Ukraine
    "Thank you to the Pristanište Foundation and all the staff, as well as the owner of the house, for the warm home and good atmosphere. Thank you for the time we spent with you. Thanks to you, we were able to bring the play and film to Budva. Thank you for your care and attention."
    Lena Golosiy

    "Thank you for the opportunity to meet different people and feel my importance to others. Thank you and see you soon."
    Natalia Datsenko
  • Denis
    In a world engulfed in chaos, Pristaniste emerged as a refuge. In a challenging moment, it was as if providence pointed the way here. Kindness and humanity, all-encompassing support.

    A huge thank you to all of you! For shelter, food, and psychological assistance. Thanks to you, I escaped the feelings of loneliness and insignificance.

    I hope that all of us will build a good life, and someday we will meet not burdened by shared sorrow but to share our experiences and happiness.

    May God grant you all health and strength to go on with your sacred mission!

    See you in beautiful Montenegro!
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      Faces of the foundation
      Independent musician, writer and filmmaker
      Dmitry Modeev
      Coordinator of the Pristanište foundation
      Marija Filipovic
      Co-owner of Founder of the “Change One Life” foundation
      Oleg Reps
      Irina Kuchma
      Founder of the educational company Edumonte. Co-founder of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and schools in Podgorica, Herceg Novi and Bar.
      Vladimir Shmelev
      Publicist, editor-in-chief of the Sapere aude project. Founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency company HEO Foundation Inc
      Alexander Shmelev
      Cofounder of the “Change One Life” foundation
      Vyacheslav Taran
      Executive Director of the Pristanište foundation
      Svetlana Shmeleva
      Dragan Žarković