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  • Piotr
    I am enormously grateful to the Pristanište foundation for their help, efficiency, and attention to detail; for letting me stay at their beautiful villa; and for their help with other matters. Thanks to you I’ve started feeling like I’m on solid ground.

    Special thanks to Yana.
  • Konstantin
    December 15, 2022
    I am very grateful to the Pristanište foundation for giving me the much needed time to get my bearings and for helping me find a rental apartment. And for support and help at this difficult time.

    I would like to wish luck and all the best to this place and its inhabitants.

    Thanks again!
  • Vladimir
    26.12.22, Tula
    Thank you very much to the founders and volunteers of Pristanište for their help and support in these trying times! With all my soul, I wish you prosperity, success in all your future endeavors, and a peaceful sky. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  • The Barinov Family
    17.12.22, Saint Petersburg
    We are immensely grateful to the Pristanište foundation and personally to Alyona who has been patiently helping us from the very beginning of our emigration from Russia — giving counsel and support at every stage along the way. We would also like to sincerely thank Natalya for helping us assimilate.

    For our family, Pristanište has become a beacon of hope: That somewhere out there there is someone willing to help you, that somewhere out there there are people like you, trying to find a place for themselves in a foreign country. They understand that you really need help during the very first days.

    And you are running from the country that used to be yours; but since February 24, 2022 it has become alien and disgusting. Now we all need to be kinder to each other, be grateful for someone else’s help and then to start helping others. It’s easier when you are not alone. And to organizations like Pristanište we wish to retain their kind and sensitive heart as embodied by those who run the fund.

    A good deed is never lost.
  • Andrew
    5.12.22, Zaporozhye
    A huge thank to the volunteers of Pristanishte for your warm, heartfelt attitude, for work and support.
    Today is Volunteer Day, I would like to wish you good health, great human happiness, peace and success in your grateful work
  • Artemii and Tatiana
    06.12.22, Moscow
    We would like to express our huge gratitude to the Pristanishte Foundation for the understanding and reception we received here.
    It was scary when we were starting on our way to nowhere, and it was very important for us to adapt to a new country and a new environment. We met supportive people here on our way. Thank you! Prosperity and well-being to this place and wonderful people who work here! We thank Natalia who was always in touch and consulted us about everything.
  • The Zaikulin family
    Thank you for your kindness and humanity, Aliona, Natalia from the "Pristanishte" Foundation, the hosts of Villa Blato and Snejana.
    Your support and help gave us confidence that everything will be fine. It is so precious when you find people who sincerely want to help, even though it is the first time they see you and they have never known you before.
    May your children always be healthy and happy, may your loved ones be by your side. Happiness and love.
  • Sergey Kirov
    It was difficult and unusual for me to ask for help. I look at myself now and think that to be almost naked in a foreign country without money.... I needed this. To feel my defenselessness and, at the same time, the kindness and warmth of people. I got away from my worries. I came to a house full of generous, attentive, sensitive, and very, very warm people. This home is imbued with a daily healing routine that brings life back to a lost normalcy, filling it with new meaning. Thank you, everyone, who gave me this opportunity, who lived with me in this bright home
  • Vyacheslav
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome and for the shelter. Special thanks for the ceramic workshop and reading session in such a warm company.
    Your work is very important. You bring so many people together under one roof, giving them the opportunity to start their lives literally from scratch.
  • Dima and Dasha
    I would like to say much thanks and express my huge gratitude to the People who organised it all. You're giving the way out of the situation which seemed to be hopeless. Huge thanks!
    All the best!

    I want to express the deep gratitude to Pristanište. You gave me the opportunity to exhale and look around a bit. We've lived here for two weeks, and during this shirt period Pristanište has become a familiar place where we felt at home.
    Thank you for your kindness and support, for your warmth and your incredible work.
    It was nice to meet like-minded people and openly call things by their names.
    Peace for all!
    Live Belarus!
    Glory to Ukraine!
    Russia will be free!
  • Goponenko family
    Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts! We found here a huge support. Realising that we weren't alone and the helping hand was near gave us warmth and calmness. Our way was complicated and hard, all those doubts and anxiety. But since we found out about Pristanište, the hope awakened, that it'll be alright. We're not alone anymore.
    Our flight took almost twenty-four hours. Natasha met us with such a care and attention that literally made us cry. We understood that we're not alone. Once again, deep thanks to the foundation and everyone we met here. To all people who helped us to adapt, showed us the path and just gave us a kind words and good advices.
    You're doing the great thing, important and necessary to many people. Good luck! We'll visit you for sure, will bring the possible help and always remember this short period of our family life.
    We wish you the best of luck, love and patience!!! Prosperity to your foundation and to everyone who works there!
    Thank you!!!
  • Marina and Alexander
    Thank you so much!!!
    Yet back home, in Ukraine, after phone call with Alena, the moderator, we felt how kind and envolved she was. It was so relieving: we were not alone, they were waiting us!!! And the first step is so important.... Here we found warm and involved attitude, kindness, open hearts and help... Thank You All who's participating in such a Good Deed! Good people are majority in the world anyway, so the Good is going to win!!!
    You created the real Shelter, in the highest meaning of the word.
    Thank you and may the Lord help you on your right way.
  • Taya
    Hi everyone, my name is Taya, I'm a film director. I lived in Pristanište for a few days, as we screened the film "Witness's Trauma" here in Budva.
    I would like to say that for several years of emigration there wasn't a single place that I could call "home". But your place earned that name very naturally. Sveta, Masha, Natasha, the way you met me, your loving attitude warmed my heart. You felt so deeply me and my film. The first applause from the audience, and we sitting on the floor and wherever it was possible during the film screening and sharing our experience of empathy.
    I'll never forget your warmth. I dream that I could make a film about you and all the people who find a foothold here, how they voluntarily help to create this unique atmosphere.
    With great gratitude,
    Taya, the film director.
  • Evgeny
    In life I used to count on myself, well, and on my loved ones. When I first heard about "Pristanište" I took it with caution ... even warily. even wary. And to the last hesitated: "Is it worth it?
    But still decided that it was worth it. I wrote an application, Alena soon answered.
    I was expecting to see various flags, slogans, appeals, and to hear children crying, sadness and melancholy.
    But when I entered the gate of my refuge, a very different picture opened in front of me.
    At a street table, quiet, happy people chatting, discussing art and more, children playing something on the street.
    But that is not the main thing. The main thing is that once I entered the gate, I was immersed in silence, harmony, grace.
    What was missing in recent weeks: the constant bustle, rush, endless hostels with a crowd of people. And here is the silence, as if time stood still.
    In fact, a man does not need much - a home, warmth and food, and support, of course.
    There is everything here. And that's great.
    Thank you!
  • A family from Moscow
    We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Pristanište as a family. We were given such a warm welcome, we tried to help in every possible way and create the most comfortable conditions for living.
    It is easy and warm here. During our stay at Pristanište we met kind, responsive and interesting people who are always ready to help.
    There are not enough words to express the words of gratitude and admiration to Pristanište for this noble cause, both in our private case and in the meaning of the historical scale.
    With love and gratitude
  • The Volkovs family
    We would like to express our gratitude to the Pristanište Fund for its warm welcome, organization of accommodation, meals and paperwork (how and where to do it).
    Our family was in great trouble as we were fleeing from the war. We were frightened, tired, with mess in our heads, not understanding what to do next, and what will happen tomorrow. We would like to thank you so much for the help the Refuge Fund and especially people like Natalya and Svetlana!
    You are doing a great and grateful job. Have peace, good luck and prosperity and meet kind and helpful people like you on your way!!!
    All the best to you! Thank you so much.
  • Leon' and Kost'
    Dear Pristanište!
    Thank you so much for sheltering us while we were trying to get settled in Budva. It wasn't easy, but the support of the foundation and personally Natasha and Artem gave us strength and hope. Your help is invaluable.
    We wish you financial stability and grateful guests. And also, that there will be no war.
    Take care of yourselves.
  • Elena and Victoria
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredibly family and friendly atmosphere. We arrived on October 29th and immediately we were kindly put in room #2 in villa, and it was Saturday!
    Artem met us, answered all our questions, warned us about the closing of stores on Sunday and other tasks.
    We felt at home in a foreign country, where we were for the first time!
  • Andrew
    Moscow, was born in Cherkasskiy region
    Natasha and Artem, thank you for your warm welcome, informational and psychological support! Pristanište helped our family. We drove to nowhere, we knew no one and nothing here. Now we have a place where we can always come and just find company and feel a shoulder to lean on :)
    We found a place to live and my husband found a job. Now we can wait for our humanitarian visas. We really want to continue to be friends, go to courses and activities of the foundation.
    We are very grateful.
  • Sasha, Masha and the children Gleb and Olesya
    Natasha and Artem, thank you for your warm welcome, informational and psychological support! Pristanište helped our family. We drove to nowhere, we knew no one and nothing here. Now we have a place where we can always come and just find company and feel a shoulder to lean on :)
    We found a place to live and my husband found a job. Now we can wait for our humanitarian visas. We really want to continue to be friends, go to courses and activities of the foundation.
    We are very grateful.
  • Boris and Gennady
    Chernogolovka, 01.11.22
    Dear Pristanište people!
    Thank you very much for comfort, help and support! And most importantly - for the long-awaited feeling of freedom and security!
    We will always remember you and the time we spent here.
    Good luck to you in everything!
  • Ilya and Irina
    Odessa, 01.11.22
    Low bow and wishes for health and peace, love and prosperity, peace of mind to all working in the "Pristanište ". Your warmth and care were with us all the days of our stay.
    This house became home, warmed us, protected us, gave us hope and taught us the language, culture, communication at the highest level. God bless you. Thank you.
    We hope the time will come and we will be able to be useful, help you and be grateful. We hope to see you in Odessa.
  • Konstantin
    Thank you very much to "Pristanište " for the welcome and help.
    These first days here were very important.
    Thank you for the information and help in adapting. Thanks for the company! The guys are very cool! Always willing to help, just to talk. I'm glad to be a part of this community, so I won't say goodbye 😊
    Peace and goodness to all!
  • Jacob
    Thanks so much to "Pristanište " for really valuable and timely help! The opportunity to gather my thoughts and catch my breath in a new environment is very important. Thanks to all who came up with and made this idea a reality, thanks to the volunteers and all the workers from me! I hope the war ends as soon as possible and everyone can go home.
    Peace to all!
  • Natalia
    Thank you so much for the help you provided. I started the war in 2014. To say that it was difficult is simple, but all that I had to go through, it is impossible to describe. Went to Ukraine, but had to flee again.
    Your help is invaluable.
  • Ruslan Galeya
    The first days are the hardest. Especially alone, and this is exactly my situation. The guys from Pristanište give not just a home, they help to survive these first days. I'm not sure I can find the words to express my gratitude. But I'm sure I'll never forget their kindness.
    You guys saved me.
  • Eugene
    My thanks to the Pristaniste Foundation. Thank you for giving time to find accommodation in a difficult situation for me. Thank you for your willingness to provide all the necessary assistance in adapting life in Montenegro. Thank you for your attention to the little things. Even the tea, which is like fuel for my work, is available most of the time.
    I took a breath and moved on. With gratitude to the people who sheltered me in my time of need.
  • Sergey
    I don't know what I would have done without the help of Pristaniste alone in an unfamiliar country with 50 euros in my pocket. They gave me a roof over my head, showed me the city, and helped me with advice so I could think about my next steps. Thank you to everyone involved in this light project
  • Ruslan
    I would like to express my huge gratitude to the "Pristanište" Foundation for the support and help with the relocation. Everyone here has his own reasons for moving from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. But we are all united by common difficulties in a foreign country, so it is so important to unite now and support each other. The "Pristanište" Foundation is helping people to do just that. Thank you for being there!
  • Eduard
    Moscow, 10.22
    I would like to thank the entire Pristaniste and Artem in particular. I am very glad that in such a difficult time I was able to meet people who responded with kindness, sheltered me for the first time, and gladly answered any questions I had.
    Thank you all so much!
  • Igor and Egor
    Thanks a lot to Pristaniste Foundation!
    They took my son and me for the first time. Adaptation went great, the atmosphere, everything is fine.
  • Svetlana
    Sumy, 10.22
    I am very grateful to the Pristaniste fund for giving me this opportunity. When I learned about this program, it was easier for me to make a decision to move. It's very scary to go nowhere, it's much easier to go where they are waiting for you.
    We traveled 2500 km by car and it was a pleasure to be met by Natalia at night, who accommodated us, gave us everything we needed, helped us with communications and documents.
    During the 2 weeks we spent in Pristaniste, we managed to socialize a little, found an apartment, friends, and started working.
    Now it's our turn to help the foundation. Love, thank you!!!
  • Borja
    Hard times have come. My faith in humanity is almost gone. But thanks to you, all those who have helped, help and will help, I will continue to believe. " Pristanište and the people who work here save people, pull them out of the darkness and lead them to the light.
    I'm glad to be a part of this community!
  • Valery
    Thank you! I wish you many good years ahead. Especially to Alena, Natasha and Artem best wishes. Peace, goodness, health, happiness!!!
  • Artem K.
    Huge thanks to the Pristanište Foundation for their support and help in all matters. You are doing a very important, great thing, helping people in a difficult time. All the best, further successes and prosperity to the foundation!
  • Taya
    Pristanište, thank you for your warm welcome, cozy accommodation, kind attitude! Let your kindness and care return to you a hundredfold! Thank you, Natalia and Artem, for the responsiveness and attention. You have a big heart! Pristanište is an island of vitality, tranquility and human warmth. I wish you success and prosperity, peace in your soul and peace around!
  • Ivan
    I would like to express my gratitude to Pristanište and to all its volunteers who helped me in a difficult moment. Coming here to Montenegro turned out to be the only way and everything turned out to be incredible. Excuse me for not saying much, but as an artist I will paint you something later and hold workshops as a ‘thank’ you. I wish you to continue your hard and necessary work, kindness and peace!
  • The Trashkov family
    Dear, dear Guardian Angels, Pristanište and all who are close to this team of contributing and heartfelt people! I bow low on behalf of myself and my children! We are alive and protected by your care. You helped us not to be confused, to survive and to make up our minds. We felt family warmth and joy of communicating with people close in spirit and views. Your work is so important and necessary. God give you strength and help! Your House serves good and salvation. Good health and prosperity to the community and its benefactors!
    We are your friends forever.
  • PussiRiot Band
    Sveta, Volodya and everybody I've seen here and hope to see again - you are doing a great little job. Thank you for that! Thank you for the fact that when you leave, you don't stop. You give people a home and an understanding that moving on is possible. It was a pleasure to be with you.
    Masha and the Pussy Riot band
  • Vahan Martirosyan
    Pristaniste is not just a foundation, or a shelter. The two weeks I've been here, I can say that "Pristaniste" is a unique community in today, shall we say, "not so quiet" reality. Here I have met people who are very different from the usual society. They are awakening to such "not popular" qualities as sincerity, openness, the desire to be useful and not to "tear up", etc. Here at one table you can meet citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Tatarstan... They all have one thing in common: they all have a sensible view of what is happening today in Ukraine, in the world...
    "Pristaniste" gave all of them (including me) not only a shelter, but also a kind of impulse for further struggle.
    The struggle for Peace, for Truth.
    I wish the Pristaniste all the best and prosperity! Everything will be good!

  • Anton
    Hello, my name is Anton, I came to ""Pristanishte"" from the city of Nikopol, my city is currently under shelling for about 3 months. Coming to ""Pristanishte"" I found myself in an atmosphere of friendliness, mutual understanding, comfort, peace and tranquility. I was lucky to meet here very interesting and intelligent people who helped me to adapt and feel part of a civilized society in which people want peace and are good to others. Thank you so much for giving people this opportunity. The time here has helped me to look at some things differently, to be safe and at peace. Thank you again! 
  • The Samgin Family
    Thank you so much to the Pristatiste Foundation and the people who work here. Your help in such difficult times is simply invaluable. We have met so many wonderful people.... Thank you very much for the opportunity to breathe out, gather our thoughts and make plans for the future. We wish the foundation prosperity and success, to be able to continue to save people. Once again, thank you very much. We will miss you a lot, but we won't say goodbye ❤️
    The Samgin family
    and their three cats 🐱
  • Anya
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Pristanishte Foundation for giving us the opportunity to experience life in all its beauty in such a difficult time, for helping us to organize a wonderful holiday, to "reload", for caring and such a sincere human attitude. Your work is very important! I am sure that many people, like me, after receiving your help have become much happier and filled with gratitude to this world, having discarded all the bad things, all the bad left somewhere out there. I wish only prosperity to your foundation. May your wonderful volunteers never lose the desire and patience to do such hard work. A special thanks to Alena, Natalia and Artem.
    Let peaceful sky be above our heads!
    Thank you! Anya.
  • The Mikhailuk family
    The whole family is very grateful to the "Pristaniste" Foundation for the warm and caring welcome, for the great support and help. When you are here, you feel you have entered a paradise of warmth, care and happiness, a world of smiles and kindness. A huge 'thank you' to each member of the fund - Alena, Artem, Natalia and Maria. It's nice to know that there are such caring people in your life. I wish you happiness and all the best! Prosperity to the foundation! Kindness to everyone! These two weeks gave us the opportunity to have a rest from our moving, to get used to the new place in a calm and cheerful atmosphere, to gain strength to move forward. We are full of plans and open to new opportunities. It is a joy to feel that you are among kind and responsive people. You will always remain in our hearts and we are open to you! We hope very much for the future, that we will always remain a big friendly family of the Pristaniste Foundation. We wish you peace and goodness! Thank you so much for everything!
    With gratitude and love, the Mykhailiuk family.
  • Oksana
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the foundation ""Pristaniste", the volunteers who helped and supported me in every moment.
    For these 2 weeks I was able to relax, gain strength and once again see that the world is not without good people. After the long stress of coming here I found myself in a very supportive atmosphere of care and understanding and Montenegro itself, by the way, is beautiful.
    I wish you prosperity, success in your work, and the good things you do to return to you a hundredfold.
    Thank you!
  • Irina and Vitaly
    Thanks a lot to the ""Pristaniste" foundation, Natalia for the hospitality in Montenegro, they met us in a home-like, warm way.
    I liked the country very much, open and kind people. Thanks for the support. The Foundation does important and necessary work. Prosperity and success to the foundation, where many more people could receive such help.
    Thank you!