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  • Sonya and Roma
    The warmest thanks from the Silchev-Rediger family! What the fund does is a huge, very meaningful and invaluable help. There is a desire to give help in future, we want to continue cooperation.
    It is good to help in general, and now it is especially important to be together. We have never been to Montenegro before, but thanks to you the landing has been as smooth as possible.
    Thank you!!! We hug you very tightly and wish the things continue to go well, to be good, joyful and random, and very right"
  • Timofei Kondratyev
    I lived in Priestanische for a little over a week. That was enough time for me to figure out how to live in Montenegro and find accommodation. I am from Russia, so I did not expect that there are organizations like this, which can help in the initial stages of the move.
    I am very grateful to the project, there are caring people here who are ready to help each other. Thanks to these people I was able to settle in much faster and more comfortably. And I was able to find new friends. Thank you very much!
  • The Sankov Family
    St. Oskol, Belgorod region
    Thanks a lot from the Senkovs family (there are 5 of us!). This is really a Place of Refuge for those who were forced to leave their country and step into the World. We travelled from Russia through Minsk, Istanbul, with two suitcases and three children. Thanks to Alexander, Sveta and Alexander, another volunteer, we were able to breathe out and regain our strength and thoughts. This is a huge help! A platform for a fresh start. At moments like these you realize that there are still People in the world, that even now, when this senseless, bloody war is going on, people unite and help each other. Thank you, Shelter, for this belief in humanity. Going forward, I'd like to be a part of yours. We will try our best, help with things, information - whatever we can. Thank you for being part of our journey. PEACE and goodness!!!
    Sankovs: Lyosha, Yana and their children.
  • The Vakhonin family
    Thank you so much to the foundation for the shelter, for the prompt response and the opportunity to put our family up for a few days. We received answers to all the questions we needed, and we know we can always ask for help. You are doing a huge good deed!
    P.S. Staying in touch, always ready to be of service to you."
  • The Borius-Martynchenko family
    We are very grateful to the Foundation. Thanks to your volunteers, we were able to "reboot" and forget the horrors of war a little. We wish you prosperity, well-being and success!
  • Igor
    Moscow, 02.06.22
    Igor, a Ukrainian, lived in Moscow and left after the war.
    There was nowhere to live, the Foundation provided accommodation for two weeks.
    The systematic, kindness and attention of the volunteers helped with a much needed respite, physical and psychological, made me feel safe. Helped with food when stores were closed.
    They helped me find a job.
    Literally took care of me. It allowed me to form new thoughts and even to start thinking about the future.
    From the bottom of my heart I thank the Pristaniste Foundation, personally Alexander, Alyona, Sergey and everyone involved in this great cause!!!
    To everyone I wish peace and personal great happiness!!!
  • Andrei
    Staying in Pristanište, albeit for a very short period, I was able to feel a caring and sensitive attitude toward people fleeing from the war. People who are on both sides of the border. Pristanište is constantly in care of new arrivals, of the fate of those who have arrived. Sasha and Sveta, the organizers of the foundation, are thinking about the people who stayed here.
    I learned about the foundation through a journalist from Belgorod who left the country at the same time as her friends and colleagues from Kharkov.
    It's wonderful that there is a place where people can take a breath after the horrors of war and find themselves.
    Thank you so much!
  • Vadik, Svetlana, Tatiana, Daniel
    Thank you so much to Pristanište., which people organized to help others. Thank you for your help, shelter, good attitude. We wish you further prosperity, development, new wonderful people.
    Thank you for your support!!!
  • Victor, Oksana, Sofia, Alexander, Anna
    Thank you very much to Pristanište for help and shelter. There are good and polite employees in the foundation. You are doing a great and important work. Thank you for your support.
  • Nadya, Ilya, Marusya, Ira
    During the three months of war and incessant moves, we completely lost ourselves. A huge thank you to Pristanište, where we were finally able to rejoice and be ourselves again. For a few days filled with care and attention from the organizers, volunteers and friends of the foundation, we came to our senses. And now we move on, reassured and inspired. Strength to you for this tremendous and important work! Thank you, Shelter.
  • Sergey+Alina+Tamila+Alice
    Thank you so much Priestanisch. Such help at a difficult time in life! Thanks to you we were able to have a quiet break and choose how to live our lives next. Very grateful for the warmth and support!
  • Family from Kiev
    I would like to say words of gratitude to Pristaniste .
    They helped us a lot with housing, even asked if there was money, food, etc. I want to say thank you for caring. Warm greetings from Ukraine, Kiev. Glory to Ukraine!!!
  • Family from Kherson
    Kherson, 05.22
    Thanks a lot to the Refuge Foundation for the help! You were very helpful to a family from Ukraine, the city of Kherson. You are doing a very good job. Good luck and prosperity to you!!!
  • The Logunovich family: Anna Vsevolod, Tatiana, Yaroslav
    We are eternally grateful to the "Pristaniste" Foundation for helping us, for bringing together such amazing people. Thanks to you there is a new faith in people. During the time we have been here, we have met so many amazing people, found jobs, and felt grounded. You are doing a tremendous good deed.
    We are staying in touch! Thank you, Pristaniste!
  • Lyosha+Tanya
    Kiev + Moscow, 05.22
    Like everything most needed in this world, you appeared in our life very timely, becoming a part of it - a cure and a refuge. Heartfelt thanks for that. Thank you for the help not being assisted by passport or nationality!
  • Yelizaveta
    Moscow, 05.22
    Thank you very much, Priestanisch, for your support, care and warmth. There are so few responsive people in the world to turn to. There is little support. A lot of grief and pain. I have found warmth, responsiveness, kindness and openness here with you.
    You are doing a great and important job!
    Thank you for your support!
  • The Udaldovs
    Moscow, 05.22
    Dear Pristaniste!
    Thank you for your support, help, and a tremendous amount of awesome people! I remember with fondness and gratitude the day I have learned about you. YOU ARE THE BEST!
  • Sasha T.
    Moscow region, 05.22
    Heartfelt thanks to the whole team of the Foundation! Thank you for sheltering us and introducing us to Montenegro:)
    You are doing a fantastic job! May God bless you and your loved ones.
    With love and warmth, Ciao Ciao!
  • Nikita
    Perm, 05.22
    I want to express my huge gratitude to the wonderful Pristaniste team for lending a helping hand in such a difficult time. Thank you so much for sheltering me in an atmosphere of peace, kindness and tranquility! It was pleasure to meet you. I will be very glad to see you again.
    Best wishes.
  • Sergey K.
    Thanks a lot to the Foundation, the organizers and volunteers!
    You are doing a wonderful, good thing!
    Peace and goodness to us all!
  • Yuri
    Moscow 17.05.22
    I will be brief: a huge and sincere gratitude to Pristaniste for helping me and all the other wonderful people I had the opportunity to cross paths with at the new place. I hope to see you again, and that everything will work out in the best way for the Foundation and its guests in the future!
  • Vladimir
    Yekaterinburg 17.05.22
    Thank you very much, Pristaniste Foundation and team. You are doing important and meaningful work!
    I met amazing people and participated in the concert, which was very important to me. People seemed excited to hear me play on stage.
    I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying goodbye, maybe I'll see you again!
    Once again, thank you so much, for your hospitality, for your welcome, and a big bow to you!
  • Sergey
    Moscow 05.05.22
    I would like to thank Pristaniste for shelter and help in everything, and personally to Sveta, Sasha and Nikita.
    Thank you, friends!
  • Lisa and Tima
    Kaliningrad 05.22
    Thank you very much for helping us in difficult times, helping us, talking to us, showing us what and how. Thank you that you exist - you are doing a great job! Immensely grateful for the people we have met here! I hope to see you again!
  • Aurora
    Kiev 05.22
    Thank you very much, it was very necessary for me to see and understand that Kiev is still waiting for me.
    Thank you, friends, you are doing a wonderful thing. You make it possible to breathe out, rest, pull yourself together, and decide what to do next. I'm terribly grateful to all of you
  • Tetyana and Anatoly
    Kharkiv 05.22.
    Thank you very much for your support. This kind of help is very important especially during the first hour of moving when nothing is understood and there is a lot of stress because of the events.
  • Galina and Ruslan
    Domodedovo 03.05.22
    We thank Pristanište fund from the bottom of our hearts for help with accommodation, warm welcome and meeting wonderful people!
    A special thanks to Alexander for meeting us, supporting us when we needed help!
    We wish the foundation prosperity, further development and new wonderful people.
  • Konstantin
    Ufa 05.22
    For me the Pristanište has become a "small house in the woods", which people built to help others to wait out the bad weather and gain strength to be able to continue their journey. Thanks a lot to all the organizers for their help in this hard time.
  • Svetlana and Kirill
    Chernogolovka 02.05.22
    Thank you very much, the fund lives up to its name. We attended several holidays with the organizers of the fund, we were very surprised how these people are trying to help everyone, to give the opportunity to live and to distract from the pain, what many carry on their souls, pain, horror, fear, grief. And you manage to do that. There is another huge plus, you have warmed us with your warmth and we, having thawed out, have been able to become friends and help each other. I was able to talk to people from Ukraine and not just talk and communicate, but the shame that I felt that I am Russian and we are friends now has gone.

  • Evgeniya, Vyacheslav and Anastasia
    Kiev 01.05.22
    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, help and support. We spent two weeks with the fund, it was just unforgettable, a lot of communication, workshops, fairs.
    A special thanks for supporting us refugees from Ukraine.
    Glory to Ukraine!!!

  • Kirill
    Piter 01.05.22
    I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants of Pristanište . A huge THANK YOU for your contribution in such a difficult situation!

  • Anna Mamedova and daughters Maryam and Medina
    Odessa 30.04.22
    I would like to express my gratitude to the "Pristanište" Fund, you have been a great help to our family at the most difficult time of our life! Thank you, all the volunteers!
    Thank you from Maryam!
    Thank you from Medina very much.
  • Lydia and her son Nikita
    Kiev 28.04.22
    I am grateful!!!
    I am Lydia and my son Nikita, we are from Kiev. I am just delighted with the help we received. Thank you so much, Sergei, for meeting us at 5am, I couldn't even believe it.
    I was very impressed!
    Thank you so much, Irina, for your responsiveness. Person with an open mind!!!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    Thank you!
  • Sasha
    Thank you so much for the needed, important help, the warm welcome and the feeling of HOME!
    Special Grand Mercy to Nikita!!!
  • Sasha + Tanya
    Ukraine, Hadiach 04.22
    Thank you so much for your support, charitable foundation Pristanište. Your support was very important at this time. You believed in our strength to start a new life. With your faith and support, we were able to regain our moral and physical strength to continue living in a foreign country. Your kindness will always remain in our memories. Thank you .
  • Vlas
    04.05.22, Moscow
    I am very grateful to fund "Pristanište". The fact that I was here is the best thing that happened to me this spring. All the people I have met here create a wonderful human, warm, cozy community. What we are all looking for in this great time!
    Thanks again to everyone! Good luck in the new world and more new people, everyone!
  • Galina, Zakhar and Sonik (Parrot)
    Ukraine, Mariupol 20.04.22
    Hi 🙂 We are Galina, Zakhar and Sonic (Parrot). We are from Mariupol and for two weeks we were in the thick of things from 24.02.22 to 15.03.22. We left town in a small car and had a very long drive across the country. As a consequence, fatigue despair, fear, uncertainty. A whole bunch. Today is 20.04. And I am writing these lines being a different person. Yes, we have lost everything. But! Thanks to people, specific people, Sveta, Sasha, Roma, Sergei ... the work of individuals, their willingness, responsiveness and desire to help we have a home (oh, how important!), a school (guys, Zakhar goes to the coolest school 🙂 ) and the ground beneath our feet.
    So, a tragic beginning doesn't mean a bad end. Thank you all.
  • Maria and Milena
    22.04.22, Krasnograd
    The Pristanište helped us out a lot, for which I am immensely grateful. Thank you! Thank you for your time, energy, ideas, care, enthusiasm, and warmth. Thank you for providing various assistance, for communication and initiative. What you are doing is extremely important and necessary. I wish you peace, kindness, and prosperity
  • Dima, Galya, Sasha, Max
    22.04.22, Mariupol
    A huge thank you to the foundation and all the volunteers. For our family, getting to know the Pristanište was like an oasis in the desert. When we thought it was over and we were left alone Sveta called and said: "Do not rush, we are waiting for you". It was like a breath of fresh air. Now is the time when relatives become strangers, and strangers become relatives! This is what we have experienced. Thanks a lot!
    Everything will be fine
  • Galina Nazarenko and Masya the cat
    17.04.22, Kyiv - Lugansk
    Thank God for everything!
    In this difficult time with the ongoing terrible events, we should always remain human beings, whoever and wherever we are.
    Many thanks to Sveta Shmeleva, the entire Pristanište Foundation, my already friend Vera for the care and help provided to me, for the roof over my head, care for physical and psychological health, all kinds of support, and warm human communication.
    I wish health, strength, and development to all of you and your Pristanište Foundation. God save us!
  • Natalia
    16.04.22, Moscow
    Thank God for everything!
    In this difficult time with the ongoing terrible events, we should always remain human beings, whoever and wherever we are.
    Many thanks to Sveta Shmeleva, the entire Pristanište Foundation, my already friend Vera for the care and help provided to me, for the roof over my head, care for physical and psychological health, all kinds of support, and warm human communication.
    I wish health, strength, and development to all of you and your Pristanište Foundation. God save us!
  • Anna Azarova and Marina Azarova
    16.04.22, Kharkiv
    We do not have words that could express the depth of gratitude to the guys. For us, the fund is the salvation. Help came at the peak of our despair, when we realize that we have escaped the bombing, but turned our to be in hunger, cold and darkness.
    So I think I can hardly forget or overestimate what was done for us.
    I would like to say to all the guys in the fund that the atmosphere that you create for us helps us survive and go through life with faith in people!!! Alexander, Roman, Nikita, you are real people and men! Thank you!
  • The Bykovs family
    15.04.22, Kharkiv
    We would like to express our deep gratitude to the “Pristaniste” fund. When we arrived we were shown the way how, what and where to go. We accidentally found this fund on Facebook and Svetlana immediately called us back and said: “Don't worry, we'll pick you up and help you.” We were settled, offered food and told what and how to do next. We were surrounded by incredible care. Special thanks to the guys! Alexander, Nikita, Roman. Peace to all of us!
  • Andrey
    04.05.22, St. Petersburg
    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the “Pristaniste” Foundation.
    To be honest, I don’t know how sad it would be if it weren’t for the fund ...
    Moving to a foreign country, with a foreign language and customs.
    A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping people who have left their homes. Thanks to curators and volunteers. Thanks to all who helped to find the way out, find a job, find housing.
    I wish further development to the fund, continue to help people. It will definitely come back to you a hundredfold.
    For now, I'm staying in Budva, if you need any help, I'll be happy to help!
    Thanks for the roof over my head.
  • Dasha and Kostya
    Accidentally, unexpectedly
    It's time for a long journey...
    Thank you very much for a calm bay where you can think about your future plans without permanently deciding where to live, where to run, how to establish a connection, etc. You are awesome! Let the family united by Pristaniste grow, be friendly and bright!
    Thanks to everyone who makes and who contributes to this project! You make the world a better place!
    We hope to see you again.
  • Adeline and Richard
    I express my deep gratitude to the foundation for the opportunity to come and receive shelter for the very first hours and days in a new place. I thank every member of the fund: curators, volunteers, organizers and philanthropists for their help... on behalf of myself and on behalf of my son.
    Thank you!!!
  • Anna and Alyonka
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, warm atmosphere, and participation. We had a great time with you. May you always have peace and prosperity. May the Lord keep you
  • Victor Storcheus
    Kramatorsk, Ukraine, Mar 27, 2022
    Thank you all for the welcome and care! The volunteers hosted me very warmly. We talked on the phone, and I came knowing my destination. And it was good here. They helped me find a new home in Bar and they will help me find a job. At first it was very difficult, but the Pristanište Foundation helped me to recover.
    Thank you all very much!
  • Tatiana, Anna, Nikita, Mikhail, and Maria
    Mar 26, 2022, Kharkiv
    My friend, our children and I left Kharkov on Mar 3, 2022. It was dangerous to stay in the city any longer. Having overcome the trip, we stopped in Montenegro. We arrived late. We were welcomed and seated. The next day they gave us food, bought cards, and helped to register. They found occasions sometimes to get together in the evenings.
    I thank the organizers of the Pristanište and volunteers who have invested their soul, money, and love. Over the course of 2 weeks, I recovered a little, but I will leave your kindness and humanity in my heart. Thank you!!!
    P.S. My daughter is 5 years old, and here they even helped with visiting kindergarten. Thank you
  • Dima
    Mar 25, 2022
    Thank you for the opportunity to live and get away from problems in such a wonderful city in the mountains and by the sea. Special thanks to the organizers of this project who help many people
    10. Anton and Anya
    Mar 25, 2022
    Odessa Mama will not forget the kindness shown towards us - the citizens of Ukraine. 2 weeks of help to reboot and understand how to move on and how to live
  • Anton and Anya
    Mar 25, 2022
    Odessa Mama will not forget the kindness shown towards us - the citizens of Ukraine. 2 weeks of help to reboot and understand how to move on and how to live
  • Ekaterina, Milan, Alexandra, Gordey
    We want to express our gratitude to the volunteers of Montenegro: Svetlana, Vladimir, for their help and organization of housing. For a warm and friendly welcome. For your care and attention. Many thanкs to the entire foundation for your kindness and support at this complicated and hard time for us.
  • Lisa and Lenya
    What to say? Amazing things happens in the Pristaniste foundation, and it is clear from the first minute. When you are lost, like many, almost everyone now, and you don’t know what to do next, suddenly help comes to you in every way - with housing and ways to go further.
    We were running away, driven by a sole guilt, suddenly we have found ourselves in a place where we were cared for by people who have had a much worse time and experience, who have fled the war. Here is a place of healing, forgiveness and mutual assistance. Thank you!
  • Lisa and Tim
    So many thank you to Pristaniste foundation, in hard times they have given us a helping hand, cared for us, talked to us, showed us what and where and how. Thank you for being you - you're doing a great job! Thank you so much for the people we met here! Hope we see you again!
  • Katya
    26.03.22, Belgorod
    Many thanks to the Shmelev family and to all the volunteers for the warm welcome, help, support and cozy evenings.
    In here I was feeling most relaxed. This is very valuable, given the current circumstances.
    You are doing a great job!
    May more noble people surround you.
    Thank you!
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