Year in Review: Where Your Donations Went in 2023

Revealing the Impact: How Your Donations Supported Refugee Assistance Programs in 2023.

Temporary Shelter
€132,727, 63%

  • In 2023, 395 individuals found refuge in our temporary home.
  • We moved to a new residence, featuring a spacious yard, a well-equipped kitchen, a co-working space for workshops, and heartfelt conversations.
  • Launched the «Sleep in Silence» program for individuals from Ukraine who choose not to leave their country or cannot due to their roles as military personnel or professionals in assisting professions. We tailor our approach to each family or group, recognizing that sometimes «Sleep in Silence» genuinely means the opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Targeted Assistance
€35,371, 17%

  • Allocated €10,046 to 39 families and an Odessa theater project.
  • Continuously provide individual assistance for non-standard requests: locating hard-to-find medications, enrolling children in specialized classes, and supplying necessary items.

Scholarship Program
€22,132, 10%

  • Supported 14 children, including education in Russian-language schools, payment for additional courses, clubs, and kindergarten.
  • In collaboration with Adriatic International schools, established the Liberal Arts faculty with the support of The U.S. Russia Foundation. Our mission is to provide education in the humanities, combining academic traditions with freedom of choice.

€20,249, 9%

  • Podrum — an art community that not only supports musicians, artists, and performers but also raises funds to aid refugees.
  • Conducted 109 events.
  • Raised donations amounting to €31,684.
  • Eight artists received community support: targeted assistance amounted to €2,623.

Refugee Adaptation
€1,129, 1%

  • Organized 400+ creative and educational gatherings: language courses, mathematics, drawing, art, music, sports, etc.
  • Volunteer psychologists conducted 92 consultations, two training sessions, and a lecture.
  • The psychology team expanded: Ksenia, already engaged in group psychotherapeutic work, Vladimir, a psychoanalyst fluent in Ukrainian, and Dmitry, a psychologist creating supportive content for our social media.

The success of each program is made possible thanks to your support!

Thank you for being with us.