Taya Zubova is filming a full-length movie about Pristanište

"I was happy to celebrate the New Year at the film set, creating a movie I have come up with, and which I am implementing now", - says our Taya, the director of the film about Pristanište.

Yes, we have started the year 2023 in the right way — Taya Zubova is shooting a full-length movie about us and our heroes.

And we are happy to share the backstage with you!

During just one day on the 2nd of January, the film crew conducted as much as 12 interviews. The first hero have come to the makeup at 8:30 in the morning, and the last has left at 8:30 pm.

Each interview is a separate people's story, a separate movie: Mariupol, Donetsk region, Odessa, mobilization, politically-motivated criminal prosecution, LGBT. "Frankly speaking, the involvement into the every story, with such an intensity, came to me rather hard emotionally" — Taya says.

The prior movie by the filmmaker, "The Witness'es Trauma", was being shot in Stambul at "The Ark" shelter. The heroes of the movie were Russians having fled at the very beginning of the war. All different, but all just plain people without high savings or connections. We were watching that film here in Budva, more than 100 people came to the room. Somebody were looking many months back, feeling all the same emotions again. Somebody recognized themselves in the characters' faces, comparing their thoughts and stories with their own.

The characters of the new film are both Russians and Ukranians. We are grateful to all our wards for the time and effort they are giving to the process of filming, despite sometimes crying for hours during the interview.

We thank Taya Zubova, her team and all the voluteers who give hundred percent in this work. We believe that a lot of people will get to know about Pristanište by this movie.