Open positions in Pristanište. We are looking for employees

We, the Pristanište Charitable Foundation, are the community of over 2000 volunteers who help refugees from the war in Ukraine and repressions in Belarus and Russia.

We are looking for employees! If you fit one of the descriptions below and want to join us - send your CV and motivation letter to the foundation's email: [email protected].

Salary level is based on the interview results.

Operations Director

  • Planning and organizing the current statutory activities of the foundation, reporting to the founders of the foundation.
  • Planning and control of tasks fulfillment, coordination of staff activities of the foundation.
  • Planning and resourcing of programs and projects of the foundation, ensuring transparent financial reporting.
  • Organization of document flow of the Foundation, entering into contracts.
  • Interaction with contractors and partner organizations of the Foundation.
  • KPI's - financial performance of the foundation, execution of budgets and operational plans of the foundation and its employees.

  • Experience as a director or deputy general manager in a small/medium business or community organization.
  • Advanced English.
  • Residency in Budva or willingness to relocate.

Fundraising Manager

  • Development of channels and volumes of fundraising - online and offline.
  • Planning and organization of information activity of the Foundation and coordination of activities of SMM managers.
  • Development of presentations, videos and other content aimed at increasing fundraising for the foundation.
  • Preparation of grant applications and reports, search and attraction of grants.
  • Development and coordination of corporate support clubs of the Foundation.
  • Development of online platforms to collect donations - Youtube, Telegram, Facebook.
  • Attracting media partners and organizing systematic interaction with the media and bloggers.
  • Planning and organization of fundraising events.
  • Searching and personal work with major institutional and/or corporate sponsors.
  • KPI - volume of funds raised by Foundation sponsors and donors.

  • Previous work experience: PR Manager, Sales Manager.
  • Experience in working with methods and technologies of digital marketing.
  • Ability and readiness for public speaking.
  • English speaking and writing - required.