The Pristanište studio – the space to search for craftsmen and specialists

Once upon a time in the Pristanište there was born an idea to create a workshop that helps our wards to return to their usual life here in Montenegro. We know how difficult it is to create everything from scratch in a new country, so the Studio is not just a place where you can order services, find a specialist, but also a platform to support the Foundation's wards.

The Pristanište studio is an area where the wards and volunteers of our community can place their services. We have gathered specialists from various fields of activity who are ready to help you with interior design, renovation, IT development and much more.

If you are looking for a tutor for yourself or your child, we have specialists who offer classes in various foreign languages, more than that – they can offer you different creative classes such as painting, graphic design and even drumming.

But the possibilities of our workshop don't end there! Here you can find professionals of repair work, beauty industry and sports, and they are already waiting for your orders.

You can learn more about masters here.

By ordering services, you support our masters in their difficult life situation, helping them to return to their usual way of life and adapt to a new country.