Master class "New Year's time capsule" for our residents

Another wonderful evening took place in Pristanište.

The workshop "New Year's Capsule of Time" is a meeting to end the year and to start a new one. Foundation residents engaged in writing practices, collage therapy, wish-granting techniques and creating happy ornaments.

Everyone brought to the master class some items that they have associated with pleasant memories and a sense of celebration: a variety of jewelry and beautiful stones from the coast. At the end of this warm evening participants took with them a good mood and artifacts that will support them in the coming year.

The evening was truly magical because everyone was inspired and filled with positive emotions. Here's what the foundation residents have to say about the event:
  • "The practices really, really helped me. I was able to free myself from unnecessary weight, to let go of all my fears and pain, to dig out everything that was hidden and suppressed and pull it all out, and most importantly, to let go with gratitude for the experience all that prevented me from being happy.
  • "I had a smile on my face throughout 3.5 hours of the workshop, which ran for me like one minute. I didn't even want to go home!) I have not felt such a warm and happy feeling for a long time, as if I was with my family. And it was all thanks to the wonderful girls-teachers and one wonderful family, who also came to this magical workshop. It was so great!!!) Thank you all so much."
  • "I was just incredibly thrilled with the girl educators who did the New Year's Eve Time Capsule! The girls came up with and prepared soooo many interesting things for us, it was very cool practices."

These practices were held for us by theater teachers: Olga Kazakova, Zuhra Yanikova, Alevtina Yatsenko. We would like to thank you very much for this evening, and thank everyone who came to the workshop. That evening everyone was charged with positive emotions in such a creative and comfortable atmosphere!
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