"Kovcheg" is a project to help emigrants from Russia with an anti-war position

Today we would like to tell you about friends of the Pristanište Foundation, who joined a team to support Russians with anti-war life position

"Kovcheg" is a project to help emigrants from Russia who have left because of their anti-war attitude and risk of criminal prosecution.

The project team provides legal and counseling support, as well as the opportunity to live for up to 14 days in colivings in Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and (soon!) another, so far secret, country. Kovcheg's network of volunteers in a variety of locations around the world makes it possible to find solutions to the most unusual requests. In the framework of the project there are also permanently functioning groups for psychological support and the study of 12 foreign languages.

You can turn to them for help:
  • Hotline with lawyers who are ready to advise on departure, visas, asylum and legalization
  • Psychological assistance
  • Describe your problem, and a volunteer coordinator will take advantage of the project to help. If you are willing to volunteer yourself, please, also write.
  • Our country and specialty chats
  • Fill out the Kovcheg colivings registration form.

Find more details on the project website.