Encounter with Svetlana Ganushkina in Budva

Svetlana Gannushkina is a Russian human rights activist, chairman of the Civic Assistance Committee and one of the most famous in the post-Soviet space experts on refugees and forced migrants.

She manages the program “Protection of the rights of forced migrants” of the Human Rights Center “Memorial”, within the framework of which the Migration and Law Network operates, it was created to provide free legal advice in many regions of Russia.

• Svetlana came to Budva to hold a public encounter and talk about her experience in protecting the rights of refugees and migrants. On June 6, we held an event in Pristanište, talked about important things and raised 174€ to help our wards.

• We discussed many issues, took part in working and public meetings. Now we are not only close friends, but also partners. For us, this cooperation has become extremely valuable, together we can invest more in the development of our fund.

Thank you Svetlana for sharing your experience! We look forward to further cooperation and wish you all the best!