Our friends, Adriatic College, held a charity New Year's Eve fair and sale, "Topla zima," on December 22

It was a Good Deeds Day, where there were booths with products or workshops from each Adriatic class: fortune cookies, gingerbread, concert numbers and master classes on making Christmas decorations.

We were also able to tell everyone about the Pristanište Foundation and how we help refugees and how anyone can get involved.

There was internal currency and an exchange office at the fair. And all the money raised went to foundations and shelters to give joy to those for whom 2022 was not an easy year.

Thanks to this, 1,951 euros were raised for our foundation! These funds will be used for the education of children who find themselves in Montenegro because of the war in Ukraine.

We are grateful to Adriatic College for this initiative and support. Thank you everyone who was at this fair and contributed. Everyone's participation was an important and good deed.

Friends, if you would like to join in helping children, you can do so remotely on the website.