The Odessa theater project TEO has lost its home

You should remember our guests — Odessa theatre project TEO with their performance «Who is she». Five theatre stars showed in Budva and Herceg-Novi their mystery «Who is she» and spoke about peace and love.

Tthe same time Odessa was under bombing. «We think that it’s not a coincidence that our performance was on in Montenegro, it’s not a coincidence that we gave it in Pristaniste. Here Ukrainians, Belarussians and Russians are re-creating ruined somewhere world. And this world is also ruled by love», — one of actresses of the theatre, Marina Reznichenko, says.

One month later Russian rocket targeted Odessa theatre at the address Voyenniy spusk, 18, which was a home for TEO. The ancient, like from the old ages, building was ruined. The equipment requested for the performance «Who is She» was damaged without any hope to refurbish it.

«If we don’t have a home anymore, we will be performing in the streets», — Tatyana Dedyu, the director and one of the authors of the performance, said. But without radio microphones they can’t perform even in the street.

We announce the fund-rising campaign for purchase of radio-microphones for Odessa theatre project TEO. The price of six radio-microphones is 3207€.
Altogether we will support peace and art in Ukraine

Thanks for not being indifferent! «Hate does not safe anyone. Love, creativity and help do», Mariana says.