We were helped out again by Seattle envelopes

This is not the first time Nelly @Zenik Tkach and her Seattle envelopes have helped out Pristanište.

All of our rented apartments, and there are 30 of them, are used for accommodation of our guests. So, our general meetings and gatherings take place outside, outdoors, which is increasingly difficult to do as the winter season progresses.

On this visit of Nelly Zenik Tkach to Montenegro, 300 euros were donated to the foundation for insulation.

Thanks to this, we now have 30 plaids and 5 huge umbrellas to shelter the residents from rain and wind, as well as various small things to improve the life in the art space Podrum Pristanište.
In addition, we have traditionally used the donation to support a Ukrainian family by buying a winter blanket.

After these purchases we still have 74 euros left in the fund.

Praise Seattle envelopes!
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