Events digest: April in Pristanište

April Digest at Pristanište: Flute, Cyanotherapy, and a Subscription for Good Deeds

▪︎ Volunteers from Seattle, USA visited us in April. They stayed at the temporary house Pristanište, played chess and gave English classes to our residents — refugees from Ukraine and forced migrants from Russia and Belarus.

They brought us a gift: 27 excellent musical instruments, which were collected throughout the state and restored. Now these saxophones, trumpets and flutes are in Pristanište. Musicians can rent them, and music teachers can give classes at our premises.

▪︎ In total, 32 people stayed in the temporary house in April. 21 were from Ukraine, including a group of 13 guys. They came under the program «Sleep in Silence». This program is designed for Ukrainians who are not ready to leave their country, but really need a reboot. We organized a master class on cyanotherapy for them. This is a special method of photo printing, which among other things can be done on fabric.

▪︎ We held 33 different events for former and current residents of Pristanište. Among them are Montenegrin language classes, excursions, and legal advice on the issue of temporary protection for Ukrainians.

▪︎ And back in April, poetess Vera Polozkova, a friend of Pristanište, visited Montenegro. Vera and composer Andrey Manotskov performed the play «Augmented Reality», which raised 319 Euro. Throughout this month, during various events and lectures we collected 797 Euro, which were applied to the needs of refugees and temporary migrants. We thank all the artists, lecturers, and our partners for their support.

▪︎ We finally managed to launch a subscription for monthly donations in favor of Pristanište on the blagoclick platform. Every month we spend about 10,197 Euro for the maintenance of the temporary home, food, transport and other needs. We are collecting these funds together with you.

You can subscribe for any amount which is adequate for you. The cost of a cup of coffee with a dessert, 5 Euro per month, from every involved person can do a lot. Any amount is accepted without restrictions or commissions.

It’s easy to subscribe, and it’s also easy to change the amount or cancel the subscription if there is such a need.