"Trauma of a Witness". Private screening of the film in Budva

Friends, thank you to everyone who joined us for a joint screening of "Witness Trauma." It was very emotional and rewarding for all of us.

We encourage everyone to see this film. "Witness Trauma" is a film about the collective trauma of Russians who opposed the war and were forced to emigrate. A large number of people found themselves in a similar situation, and thanks to this film, they can look into their own future and rely on the experience of the characters.
Everyone was very much penetrated by watching the film, realizing that they were not alone in their trauma.
Someone mentally went back 9 months, re-experiencing all the emotions that haunted them at the beginning of the war. Some recognized themselves in the faces of the film's characters, comparing their stories to their own. That is the profound meaning of the film, because we all live through similar emotions and traumas.

There was a special atmosphere in the audience after watching the film, when everyone joined together for a touching and emotional conversation, which was very important for all of us. Many expressed their support, love and care for those around them, sharing their experiences with tears in their eyes, sharing their experiences and finding resonance and support in others.
It was yet another proof that we continue to be friends, understand each other and help each other. Events like this give us the opportunity to unite, strengthening the community that is emerging within Pristanište and beyond.

We all have in common not only trauma and losses, but also the desire to maintain unity, mutual assistance and friendship.

We would like to express our gratitude to the director of the film @Taya Zubova for this important and helpful screening and for these necessary conversations after the screening.
We managed to collect 261,95 euros at the film screening. Thank you, everyone, for their donation

We are grateful to for allowing us to host the screening at your venue.
We and all those who were able to join the screening appreciated it.

Dear, if you wanted, but for some reason could not come to the film screening, you can watch it online on the "Novaya Gazeta. Europe."
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