Pristaniste found a new home

Dear friends, we want to share some cool news with you. At the beginning of May, a big event took place: Pristaniste found a new home!

We had been living in the old houses for more than a year. "And this year we have noticed: of course, a roof over your head and food are of paramount importance, and they should be. But the most important thing we all need is human support. Everyone needs it. And we want the new home to become a place where we will support each other," says Svetlana Shmeleva, the first volunteer and executive director of Pristaniste.

In the new house, we will continue to receive people who left their homes because of the war. And now we have a large cozy courtyard and a spacious kitchen where you can hold master classes, parties and just have a heart-to-heart conversation. Our new home is a place where the doors are always open for those who need help. We are grateful to our past homes-Villa "Ksenia" with the tree under which we always gathered, Villa "Snezana" and villa "Vesna". They were our harbour. Special thanks to Sava, the owner of our new home, which he shared with us.

Moving is always difficult. But thanks to our friends and the people who support us, we have found a New Shelter where we can continue our mission.

The housewarming party was very warm. Many guests came to us — friends and volunteers of the foundation, our wards. Belarusian musicians Svetlana Ben and Galya Chikis staged a small concert for everyone. We exist because of you, and we want to say: "Dobro doshli!» A friend of the foundation Sergey made a short video about the past event. Thank you, Sergey, for capturing this important event.