New Friendly Place in Bečići: TULIP Restaurant

Hello, friends! We are glad to inform you that there is now a new friendly place in Bečići — the restaurant TULIP, where you can find information about what we do at Pristanište.

Enjoy great meals and atmosphere at TULIP.

Also, you will be able to learn more about us and about how and who we help.

Perhaps, some of you could help with disseminating our fliers with information about the fund? Shops, restaurants, and other public spaces — those are all great locations where many people could learn about us.

We strongly hope that you would be able to help us with disseminating the information. Each person learning about us will potentially contribute to helping those families that have suffered because of the war in Ukraine and found themselves here, in Montenegro. This could also be a way of making our existence known to those who we might help, who might become one of our care recipients.

If you think you might help us with that, please contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram: +382 68 585485

We will be happy to meet new people and make new friends. Thank you for your support!
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