Every Week, Life at Pristanište Gets More and More Eventful and Exciting

Our events are fantastically diverse as ever: masterclasses, lessons, walks, tea parties… All this brings us together and helps find common interests.

Last Sunday, we went trekking in the mountains to see the old olive tree in Bečići and went hiking to see a cave. And at our coworking space, our volunteer Ekaterina gave a fascinating art history presentation for children.

But that’s just scratching the surface of our common activities. At the house where our proteges live, we give math lessons for children and adults; run an English speaking club; organize music events and masterclasses ‘Fairy Tales From the Hat’; hold pottery classes; and host evenings with teachers from the ‘Creative Studios’.

All of this helps us learn new things together, distract ourselves from our problems and worries, be creative, find friends and like-minded people, become part of our already-not-that-small community at Pristanište.

Thank you to our volunteers, friends of the fund, and our proteges who organize our common activities filling our days with new experiences and emotions!