Together we were able to help Inna and her daughter Sasha

Dear friends, we asked for your help a while ago so that we all could provide the most needed things to the girl Sasha and her mom Inna. Today we want to express our great gratitude for your help, involvement and contribution.

Unfortunately, the family could not obtain a cost-free permanent housing in Montenegro, since the program of temporary protection for Ukranians does not include a licence for work with disabled people. But we were able to raise 1050 euro to help them!

Half of the sum we delivered in cash to Inna and Sasha to buy medication and diapers, and the other half is directed towards providing them with housing, groceries and necessities further.

Thanks to you all, who made donations to help this family. Due to your support Inna and Sasha have the opportunity to stay in the safe place and take the medications which they cannot do without.
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