Fundraising for microphones for the Odessa Theatre Project TEO is closed

Dear friends! In September, we launched a collection for the Odessa Theatre Project TEO. We are delighted to announce that, thanks to your support, we were able to close it in just under a month, collecting 3,207 €.

Now, the theatre team will be able to acquire the necessary equipment for their performances and continue their work, raising funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Recall that the building where the TEO theatre was located was destroyed by a Russian missile, causing the actresses to lose their home and equipment.

We want to thank those who supported this collection:
▪️ Platforms: ReForum, Auditoria, Hip Hop Academy, SlovoNovo.
▪️ Organizers: Aleksandr Gordeev, Michael Oger, Oleg Pshenichny, Andrei Voskoboinikov, Maria Vrubel.
▪️ Actors and artists: Noize MC, Artur Solomonov, Viktor Koshel and Katarina Sinchillo, Anton Dolin, Aleksandr Gagarin (band Sansara), Boris Grebenshchikov, Polina Osetinskaya, band Tequilajazzz, Viktor Shenderovich.
▪️ Our partners: the «Seattle Envelopes» foundation and Neli Tkach.
▪️ Everyone who made donations, reposted the collection, and attended our events.

Thank you for your belief in art, love, and humanity!