Over 100 New Year's Gifts Collected for Refugee Children

For the second time, with your help, we created a New Year’s miracle! Over 100 refugee children received gifts for the New Year and Christmas.

We gave out sweet gifts to children who are spending their New Year’s holidays with us, and we handed over most of the toys and sweets to the children of Pristanište and the friendly Ukrainian community Uniting Hearts UA — Children’s Community «Uniting Hearts» — here are their words of gratitude:

«Wizards of Pristanište, THANK YOU for the gifts!
These are not just toys, sweets, and construction sets — they are faith in miracles, they are happy eyes of children from different parts of Ukraine.
This is another reason to get together to share carols, sing native songs and at least for an hour or two to get distracted from the news from home.
A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts

We tried our best to make sure that no child was left without attention and gifts, our Saint Nicholas stayed in Budva until January 7th for this occasion, and we did it! Together we gave children a holiday and faith in miracles, thank you!