In Pristanište there was another warm and cozy gathering for needlework

In the villas where our guests live, both adults and children gathered together to create candlesticks. We call them magic because each of us puts his or her own warmth into them and their creation is accompanied by pleasant conversations.

Drinking tea together, getting to know each other, making friends - all these have a positive effect on the overall mood. These are the evenings when people from the Foundation come together, sharing experiences, warmth and caring, which is so important right now.

And the candlesticks made by Pristanište residents are already decorating the Podrum art space in Tivat.

Winter is coming and we continue to create candlesticks so that Podrum has more warmth and light. We are getting ready for the winter season so that our creative evenings together will continue. If you would like to help the foundation, you can donate remotely on the website. Any and all support is important to us.