Anton Ketov`s Charity Exhibition “Space change” in “Sun`s house”

On 4 May, in “Sun`s House” in Budva Anton Ketov`s Charity Exhibition “Space change” took place.

Anton Ketov was born on 10 November, 1978 in Moscow. From the very Childhood he lived in a creative environment. His great-grandfather Ketov I.M. was an architect, his grandfather Ketov A.I. was a famous artist. . Anton spent his childhood in his workshops; the grandfather taught him the basics of painting.
In 1999, he graduated from the Theatre Institute by B. Tshukin, in 2003 – from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography by S.A. Gerasimov (VGIK). In 1995-1999 he worked in theatre workshops. This work influenced his further creative activity very much.

His world outlook was being formed under the influence of science fiction, especially the works of Arcadiy and Boris Strugatski, Ivan Efremov. Mostly, the architecture of 1920s-1980s influenced his creative activity.

The personal exhibitions were held in Belarus, Russia, and France. He is a constant participator of Russian and international exhibitions and modern art festivals. He also decorates exhibitions and creates museum expositions.

His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad, in the collections of National Modern Art Center in Belarus, modern Art Center in Vitebsk, “I-Gallery” in Paris (France), Kastoria Museum (Greece) and Russian regional museums.

Anton Ketov: “The works, represented in the exhibition, relate to different series I have been working for a long time. But what is happening in the world now and my feelings about it changed the idea of my stories very much. Some works show very common theme for me - window view of the town and houses. In dependence of what was happening to me, the things happening out of windows also changed. This idea is from my illustrative representation of “Noon world” by brothers Strugatsky. It always was for me the harmonic and kind world where I wanted to live. Now, black goo poured out to this wonderful world from the past. In some works the street characters Milosh and Lukash, who found themselves in an unusual space and surroundings, are represented. The works from the cycle “Lines of Universe” are placed now not on perfectly smooth sanded plywood, but on the pieces of old wood found on the shore. All the lines make totally different figures now. All works were created in Montenegro in March – April 2022
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