Eco Event ‘Da Bude Čisto’: Showing Gratitude to Montenegro for Hospitality

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our eco event ‘Da Bude Čisto’, which we held last Sunday (March 5) to show our gratitude to Montenegro for its hospitality and to make the Budva riviera even more beautiful and clean.

More than 150 people joined us, and we covered a lot of ground. We had 30,000 liters worth of garbage bags, and we used them all!

We were also joined on this day by our friends from Green Adriatic, the Adriatic College, and Budva’s Ukrainian Center. Hvala puno!

What was this day like? We will let our volunteers, proteges, and friends share their impressions:

  • We did a good, nice thing, and people in Budva couldn’t help but notice it. Tourists at the beach and car drivers in parking lots would come up to us, ask about what we were doing, and some of them even asked for a bag and a pair of gloves and joined us. I was very impressed that there were many children, of different ages, who were very interested and eager to take part in the clean-up. Doing these events regularly would help us meet each other more often, do something useful, and be sincerely grateful to the planet we live on, and be true to the motto of the Little Prince: ‘Each morning, you must tend your planet’’.

  • ‘I was very moved by the fact that people would see volunteers with blue bags and would like to join them. It felt nice, setting a good example. During and after the event, many people asked us: ‘When will the next clean-up take place?’ It goes to show that we should do this on a regular basis’.

  • ‘Being tired and feeling joy is the best combination. This event was about making a step towards the people of Budva. And it was clear that the step turned out to be quite a considerable one. People were visibly grateful to us, and that means they liked our way of showing our gratitude’.

At the end of this wonderful day, we walked back to Pristanište where we had a good time drinking tea, chatting, and hugging each other.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who took part in the event and promise to gather again in order to clean up other shores, too!