Internal Events at Pristanište: Drawing Lessons with Volunteer Irina

How else can you help those fleeing the war? Irina Oksenoid, a foundation volunteer, found her answer in teaching drawing to children and adults. We asked Irina a few questions to tell you about another Pristanište hero.

— How did you become a volunteer?
— After moving to Montenegro, I wanted to become part of the relocators’ community, to communicate, help others, and engage in creative activities together. That’s how I got to know Pristanište and the community team. I’m glad I have the opportunity to conduct lessons and workshops with children and adults here.

— How do the classes typically go?
— Each lesson is an experiment: I offer participants a theme and a selection of materials, such as watercolors and acrylic paints, stencils, toned and corrugated paper, as well as natural elements like pebbles and leaves. My task is not to teach children to draw according to instructions.

I want them to express themselves, try new things, and be proud of their achievements. It’s important to me that the classes have a fun and creative atmosphere where we can all temporarily distract ourselves and have pleasant emotions.

— Why specifically art?
— Drawing has always been my hobby: it calms me down, lifts my spirits, and serves as a wonderful reason to communicate. Besides, I’m convinced that a creative approach is important not only in visual arts: it’s also important in our daily lives to see non-standard solutions.

Thank you to Irina and all our volunteers for participating in helping refugees.
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