Meeting with the UN representatives at Pristanište

We held a meeting with the United Nations representatives in the courtyard of our guest house. And from now on such meetings will be held regularly.

This time we discussed several issues and tried to find solutions. Together, we examined very challenging situations, which refugees and immigrants face in Montenegro.

One of the cases discussed was Andrey’s situation. He was trying to obtain a visa to reunite with his family in France but encountered obstacles. In order to get visa, one needs to personally visit France, but Andrey doesn’t have a Shengen visa, and without a residence permit in Montenegro he cannot obtain it.

He is now being advised by experts from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They are helping him to contact the French Embassy to obtain permission for submitting document in Montenegro as a non-resident.

We discussed assistance for Inna and her daughter Sasha, who has infantile cerebral paralysis. Sasha requires continuous rehabilitation. There is a relevant institution for children in Budva, but they only admit Montenegrin citizens.

During the meeting, we agreed that representatives of the Red Cross will personally meet with the management of that institution, and they will try to obtain permission for Sasha to spend at least a few hours there each day and not be left without the necessary rehabilitation.

There were other stories as well, and now we are on the way toward finding solutions for each of them.

We express our gratitude to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Milica Radonjic for this productive and helpful meeting and the assistance provided. Our charitable activities continue, and we hope for effective cooperation. We believe that our joint efforts will help improve the lives of those in need.

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