A fairy tale "The Snow Queen" took place in Tivat

Friends, thank you everyone who was with us that day!

  • An interactive performance that captivated and involved everyone in attendance
  • Paintings by Anton Ketov that adorned the Podrum art space
  • Hot, spicy mulled wine for adults
  • A fair with ceramics, handmade decorations and Christmas dwarves that Pristanište residents and volunteers created in the workshops

We enjoyed it all together on Sunday in Podrum. Friends, there were about 100 of us! And together we managed to raise 1,130 euros to help the families affected by the war.

Every 200 euros is accommodation for one family in a guest house for 2 weeks. Every 35 euros is a basic food package for a family. Thanks to this collection we will be able to help several more families!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this creative, exciting event and doing so, helped families in need.
Thanks to artists Konstantin Kozhevnikov and Inga Aleynikova, cute snowman Lyudmila Mironova and volunteer photographer Alexander Danilov for giving so much love and warmth to all of us!