As our team grows every day, so do our needs

We are a team of volunteers who have come together in the Pristanishte Charity Foundation and our mission is to help refugees and displaced people by supporting them. Our team is growing every day, but so are our needs - the needs of the Foundation. And we need your help!

At the moment, our volunteers are lacking a number of essential tools to be able to work effectively to help others: to keep in touch, to organise events, to teach our beneficiaries new skills in workshops, etc.

We have put together a list of the most essential items that we are currently lacking:
◼ Mobile phones, 3 pcs.
◼ Blender
◼ Magnetic whiteboard on legs
◼ Lighting equipment (portable lamps, floodlights)
◼ 2 microphones with loudspeaker
◼ 5 yoga mats
◼ Bicycle
◼ Sewing machine
◼ Projector with screen
◼ Plasma TV screen
◼ Steamer.

And of course we always need basic things like food or various household items.

Perhaps you can help us by donating something from the list above? Then get in touch with us via private message or WhatsApp/Telegram:
+382 68 585485 from 10:00 to 22:00

You can also always help financially so that we can buy something. Thank you very much! Praise Puno!
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