Nelly Tkach and her “Seattle envelopes”

Nelly Tkach and her “Seattle envelopes” are said to fly to those places, where the help is needed, just like doves of peace.

Besides invaluable experience that Nelly had taken with her Pristaniste received real gifts, which, in our turn, we gave, targeted to the particularly vulnerable refugees` families.


We participated in buying a laptop cost 130 euros for a family from Poltava Region; due to this, now they have an opportunity to work remotely; we added 240 euros to 260 collected by Open HeArt for a family from Mariupol, having come here without any money; 350 euros more we gave to three women with a child from Kyiv, we take care of them remotely. They found a free place to live themselves, but there was nothing in it but walls. The list of necessary things was huge, but due to local citizens’ responsiveness, and volunteers donated a fridge, a washing machine, a desk, a boiler, a wardrobe, beds, an iron, a sofa, linen, a heater and a microwave, we spent on purchases just 150 euros and 200 euros more were given to them for their current needs; we have 130 euros left for the next targeted help.

Moreover, “Seattle envelopes” gave us two smartphones and a laptop for Pristaniste work, and due to this we are developing now our own hot line, and now Pristaniste residents, coming to us sometimes in bathrobes and slippers, can count not only on sim-cards but also on real means of communication.

At last, and, probably, in the main, “Seattle envelopes” shared their toys for the refugees` children. It`s impossible to describe in words, how in time they were and how much happiness they gave!

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