Report on Collected Funds: January 29 - February 11

We regularly share reports with you because it’s important to us that everyone who supports our mission and makes donations sees and understands how it helps in practice.

Thanks to your assistance, we continue to welcome refugees in a temporary home, providing them not only with a roof over their heads but also a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

We keep supplying them with food and essentials, and also offer targeted assistance in difficult situations. We have prepared a visual report on the collected funds and what they have been allocated to. This is your contribution to the lives of those who are currently in desperate need of help.

  • You have donated 1 934€ to aid refugees and forcibly displaced persons. With this, we will provide comprehensive support to 7 families, securing temporary accommodation, food, and SIM cards.
  • How you helped: friends of the foundation donated 1101€, 770€ were donated by attending Podrum events and partners, 62€ were left in donation boxes in cash.
  • 185€ were collected for targeted assistance for Raisa and her son Bogdan. The money went towards paying for the daycare that Bogdan needs to attend until he starts school.

Thank you for your support! You can read testimonials from the residents of the Shelter, learn more about us, and support in a way that’s convenient for you on our website