We're six months old! It is a special day for our Foundation

This is a special day for the Foundation. This day six months ago we welcomed our first refugees. We want to share with you how it was

When the war broke out in Ukraine, we immediately started thinking about how we could help refugees and political migrants. That's when the Pristanište Foundation was created. It is a foundation that helps both refugees from Ukraine and citizens of Russia and Belarus with an anti-war stance. At the beginning of our work, we planned to organize separate homes for Ukrainians and Russians. But this view of the situation was dispelled by our first tenants.

So on March 5, exactly six months ago, a couple from Kharkov, Alexander from Russia and Diana from Ukraine, who later became the "symbol" of the fund, asked for help. And we decided that we shouldn't divide people by citizenship.
Today 52% of the people got the help from the Fund are Ukrainians, 46% - Russians and 2% - Belarusians.

We now have an incredible environment of mutual support. Throughout the foundation's existence, we have seen man-to-man help, mutual help, and support. You know, when all the families become one big team, whose members are in awe of both accepting help and giving it away.

Pristanište is about mutual help, about friendship, about warm evenings together.

Events, workshops, fairs, tea parties - All these and other events are very important for us, when everyone gets together, shares experiences and emotions, supports each other and meets those who become friends.

We want to say a huge thank to all the volunteers, to all those who donated to help the foundation, to all those who asked for help and were with us.

Every participation, every small step to meet makes a big difference.

So in those six months:
  • We received 805 appeals from families that we were able to help at least giving information.
  • We were able to provide 367 people with temporary housing, first necessity products and means of communication, one third of which were children.
Friends, we are glad you are with us!

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