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Novaya Gazeta. Europe: “We don`t deserve any “thanks”

After the beginning of the war more than 5 million people left Ukraine. The Ukrainian refugees are helped everywhere not only by Europeans but also by Russians: former oppositional activists solve the problems of Ukrainians on the border of Ukraine and Poland, in Budapest such people are Anastasia Chukovskaya and Alexey Zelensky; in Montenegro the fund “Pristaniste” has been working from the beginning of March. It provides to Ukrainians escaping from the war places to live, psychological assistance and legal aid. Russians, who left their country because of the political pressure, are also accepted by the fund, which is proud of creating in Budva Ukrainian-Russian community.

The reporter Ilia Azar visited “Pristaniste” and spoke with its organizers and wrote down the dialogues of Ukrainian refugees who had come to Montenegro from Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and Brovary.