Report on Funds Collected during March, 2024

Every donation is a real help to refugees from Ukraine and forced migrants from Russia and Belarus.

Your donations in March helped us to raise the necessary funds.

• During the events that were organized by our partners or us, €5,136 was collected. Thus, you provided payment for a temporary home and the purchase of all necessary items for refugees for 2 weeks.
• Through help of the friends of the fund who transferred €3,000 in cryptocurrency, another 10 families will receive temporary housing, food packages and SIM cards.
• Thanks to your donations last month in cash we will pay for another 1 week of house rent
• Using donations in the sum of €410 which we’ve received to our bank account, 10 food package sets will be distributed to refugees

Thank you! Your continued support is crucial.
We ask you not to stop helping refugees, because the war and repressions do not cease. Consider the possibility of regular donations, because even a small contribution makes a big difference in lives of those in need. For instance, every 15 € mean the purchase of a SIM card or payment of a tourist tax. Every 40 € allow to purchase a food package for a family with a child.

How can you make a donation?
— Online, using a bank card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, via PayPal
— transfer in cryptocurrency
— transfer to the bank account at Hipotekarna Banka
— cash donation at one of the collection points in Montenegro.

More details here.