October at Pristaniste: Results of the Past Month

The joint efforts of staff, volunteers, and friends of the Pristaniste community materialize into tangible actions and events.

  • 54 individuals received our support, including 16 children. We assist refugees and resettlers with their initial adaptation, making the process smoother.

  • 2 creative events were held at the art space Podrum. We opened Slava PTRK’s exhibition «Present not Perfect» and organized house concerts featuring the band Mozhzhevelnik and Yana Svetlichnaya.

  • 1 lecture was organized as part of the Lektorium program, featuring speakers Ilya Vukelic and Olga Proskurnina.

  • The «Returning the Names» commemorative event in Montenegro this year took place at Pristaniste. We read 220 names of people repressed in the Soviet Union.

  • Over 30 gatherings were organized in the Pristaniste co-working space and courtyard: workshops, musical evenings, and other events.

  • We organized a meeting for volunteers, discussing the community’s work directions, attracting new volunteers, sharing news, and providing support.

  • We closed the fundraising campaign for assistance to the TEO theater from Odessa. The collected funds were handed over to the theater actresses. Now they will have radio microphones to present their new anti-war performance.

Join us to channel your skills and abilities towards helping refugees.