Help for Arrivals: How Your Donations Support Refugees

For many people caught in the complexities of war, Pristaniste has become a place where they find refuge and understanding.

We provide temporary shelter, SIM cards, essential items, and groceries to ease the adaptation of refugees from Ukraine and resettlers from Russia and Belarus in Montenegro.

Those staying in our temporary home receive support and guidance from volunteer tutors ready to help with any questions. In the courtyard and co-working space of the house, we conduct workshops, meetings, and creative evenings. This helps individuals to distract, relax, and feel safe.

All of this is made possible by our team: tutors, drivers, teachers, psychologists. But without your support, none of this would be possible. Thanks to your donations, we cover the guesthouse expenses, purchase essential items, and develop foundation programs.

Donation Report from September 25 to October 22:

  • €720 were donated in cash to assist refugees in Montenegro.
  • €1988 were donated by attending our events, as well as events organized by our friends and partners.

With these funds, 8 families will stay in the guesthouse, receive food kits, and SIM cards.

These funds will also cover 1 month of transportation expenses. Volunteer drivers assist people with health issues in moving around and bring families from the airport.

In the last six months, €2000 has been transferred through PayPal. Various transfer options are available on the website.

This will cover 1 month of providing refugees with essential items and offering informational support.