"It was positive, warm and sincere" - our wards talk about creative evenings in Pristaniste

It is very valuable for us that Pristaniste as a community continues to develop due to the initiatives of our wards, volunteers and friends of the foundation. Many have found like-minded people here and are happy to meet each other to share their experience, provide assistance or just spend time together.

We continue to gather at Montenegrin language lessons, the study of which is becoming clearer and more interesting thanks to the teacher and our friend Konstantin Fedorov. Thank you very much for coming to visit us! Your help is extremely important for adaptation in Montenegro.

Joint gatherings, where we solve various mathematical problems, have already become a tradition that both adults and children willingly observe. Delicious cookies, tea and the most interesting topics in mathematics unite us all in such a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

And, of course, how can it be without creativity and art? Lyubov Tyuvilina, a theater actress and a lover of fairy tales, came to us from Bar with a master class “Tales from a Hat”, where the children of Pristaniste learned to compose their own stories, make illustrations for them and even stage them!

Ekaterina Litvinova, an artist and art critic, held an introductory lesson of art history. She spoke about the origin of the arts, as well as about cave drawings, after which everyone proceeded to the practical part and tried to create their own “cave” drawings.

This week our wards will continue to attend a clay master class and create masterpieces under the guidance of Yulia Malinovskaya. These activities have always been important to us, because working with clay helps to relax and escape from everyday worries.

Friends, if you want to join our no longer small volunteer movement and become part of the Pristaniste community, fill out the form on the website and we will contact you.
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