Sansara: concert in Podrum Pristanište, Tivat

On the 21st of October in Podrum Pristanište (Tivat) there was a concert of Sansara band
"The main gift is always people! Even more so if the occasion is a personal holiday and a wedding concert" - says Sasha Gagarin, the vocalist of the band.

This evening was special because it was not just a creative evening but a wedding concert! Sasha Gagarin got married and shared this event with us at Podrum Pristanište. Congratulations on such an important event in your life! Love will win!

At the concert we managed to collect 1435 Euro, of which 717,5 Euro were donated to Pristanište for refugees and Internally displaced persons.

This help is very important for the inhabitants of the foundation:
- a basic set of groceries for a whole family for the first time costs 35 euros.
- Mobile and internet connection - 10-15 EUR.
- Two weeks accommodation for a family of 3 - 200 euros.

Do not stay aside. Let's help families in need together.
📌 You can donate on the foundation's website
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