Pristaniste is the community, the main task of which is to help refugees and migrants in Montenegro. It is now a good tradition to tell you about the events we had in previous month. 107 people got ou

Pristaniste is the community, the main task of which is to help refugees and migrants in Montenegro. It is now a good tradition to tell you about the events we had in previous month.

  • 107 people got our support in August. Out of them 18 are children.

  • We held more than 30 meetings in our co-working and in the yard of the Pristaniste. These were classes, master-classes and tea parties. Drawing and art history, signing band and music classes, English speaking club, maths and sports games — all this could happen only with the help of our volunteers. And the task we set for ourselves was to get the guests of Prietaniste together communicating and sharing not only their experience but also support.

  • Also, in August we had 5 events with support of our art-space Podrum. Performance «Gull», charity concert «Songs of separation», musical concerts of Vasiliy Zorkiy, Vopli Vodoplyasova and meditation in combination with rock-concert from Oleg Skripka — «Vibe of the Soul».

  • And to make life in the country, where we all found ourselves, easier we held two lecture events on history, culture and politics of Montenegro. We are preparing a lot of new and interesting, so follow our news. Soon we will tell you about up-coming events.

Of course, all this was not possible without our volunteers, who work hard every day to make life of refugees and migrants in Montenegro better. We are always open to welcome