Here's what we accomplished together in March

Our goal remains the same: to ensure that all individuals affected by the war in Ukraine and repression in Russia and Belarus who contact us feel safe.

Here’s what we accomplished together in March.
• This month 49 people stayed in our temporary home, including 10 children. The majority were from Ukraine.
• On Prištanište’s birthday, March 5th, we launched the «Day of Mutual Aid» campaign. Our partners — restaurants, clubs, cafes — donated a portion of their income to Prištanište. The campaign will become monthly, so join us!
• From March 22nd to 24th, we held a reading of Arthur Solomonov’s play «How We Buried Stalin.» This tragicomedy that reveals the theme of power, tyranny and the flexibility of the human mentality, with elements of humor and serious reflections. We raised €3,870, which were used to pay the rent of a temporary home for refugees.
• On March 20th, at the lecture «How to Read the News Without Losing Your Mind,» journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer shared her experience of how to maintain peace of mind and filter the flow of information.
• On March 16th, we organized a garage sale: you could leave your things and buy something for yourself for just €1. All income was spent to support Prištanište’s programme beneficiaries.
• On March 21st, at a meeting with political analyst Alexander Morozov «Russian Society after the Elections» we discussed the latest trends in Russian society.

Thanks to the audience and all the participants of these events. And to our partners as well: Auditoria Budva, Akademija Znanja, Focus Space, Itbranchhouse, Kulturni Centar, Maksim Hotel, Paradise Food, Reforum Space, Sportcki Centar, Talas Restaurant, Tulip Restaurant, White Rabbit.

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