Internal Events in Pristanishte: Natalia's Story of the Christmas Nativity Scene

In Pristanishte, a theatrical performance unfolded, organized by Natalia Anastasyeva, with whom we collaborated for the first time, thanks to a partnership with the Adriatic International School.

Our collaboration began with Natalia’s proposal to organize the play The Story of the Christmas Nativity Scene for children from Ukraine undergoing rehabilitation at our facility. Adriatic International accommodated us by rescheduling the performance a day earlier so that the children could watch it before their departure. The evening transformed into a journey through the world of fantasy and memories.

Natalia shared the story of how The Story of the Christmas Nativity Scene became a part of her family traditions. «It all started 20 years ago when my first son was about to be born. We lived modestly, and I wanted to create something special that would bring light and joy to our home. That’s how The Story of the Christmas Nativity Scene, made from makeshift materials, emerged, becoming a symbol of our family unity and creativity. I am glad to share this part of my life with you.»

We express our gratitude to Natalia and Adriatic International for this evening. Such moments remind us of the power of communication and mutual understanding, demonstrating how cultural events can enrich everyday life and support the spirit of the community.