Fundraising Report: 01-28.01

Your Contributions in Action: How much funding you have transferred to Pristaniste in January and where it will be allocated.

A total of €5,909 was collected during the month.

  • €4,304 was transferred to the bank account or through cryptocurrency. This amount will cover two weeks’ rent for a temporary shelter for refugees.
  • €1,204 was donated by attending Podrum events, and €360 was provided in cash. Thanks to this, 20 families will receive food packages and SIM cards.
  • Our friends at the Iriy Center collected €311. The funds will be used for food supplies for a group of children from Ukraine as part of a rehabilitation program.

We intentionally do not round the amount; every donation and every euro matter to us. Today, we express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us — with their money or actions:

Special thanks go to Mikhail Borzykin and everyone who attended his performances and donated money to our projects.

We appreciate all our partners who hosted donation boxes. A separate mention to the Iriy Cultural Center and its founder Irina, where funds were raised for the rehabilitation of children from Ukraine.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the residents of Pristaniste. Some may be surprised, but we have long known that people in need themselves willingly help others.

Your ongoing support is essential for us to continue providing temporary shelter to refugees and forced resettlers, purchasing essential food and items. These programs require consistent financial investments.

If you share our values and want to help refugees and forced resettlers, please contribute any amount on our page.