Internal events: Montenegrin language lessons by Predrag Krkelic

Regular classes in Montenegrin language are being held now at Pristanište. The teacher is our wonderful friend Predrag Krkelic!

This is an important event for refugees, forced migrants and volunteers, which helps them to adapt more quickly in a new country, because even basic language proficiency is essential for comfortable communication and rapid integration.

During the classes, the theory is explained and followed up by practice immediately, which students appreciate a lot. Here are some reviews from them:
  • «Predrag is wonderful! He is the third local language teacher I have met, and he is the best
  • «I enjoyed yesterday’s lesson, there was a lot of humor and surprises, and the time flew by quickly.»
  • «I would like to study more often with such a teacher. It was exciting, 2 hours went too quickly

And we ask you for help to make these classes more effective. For this, we need a magnetic marker board. If you can provide us with one, please, connect us via any messenger at +382 68 585485.

Furthermore, keep up to date on our publications, because soon we will announce a lecture that Predrag will hold on May 16th. He plans to talk about the 1980s in Montenegro sharing his research.