We opened a fundraiser for the education of refugee children

One of the most frequent requests refugees make to us is the access to schools for children.

Right now the foundation is supporting 22 children in Montenegro who left their homes because of the war. The total cost of their education is 5,000 euros per month. This amount is only necessary to give back what the children have been deprived of.

In total, the educational program costs 60,000 euros per year.

We are not able to handle it without your support

We have opened a fundraiser each of you to be able to contribute to the education of refugee children:

Due to your support, we can:
  • Provide information about public kindergartens and schools.
  • Fund educational places in private kindergartens and schools.
  • Organize inclusive summer camps and adaptation programs.Ex: The foundation's beneficiaries have participated in two 10-days summer camps this summer.
  • Pay for language courses for children.
  • Provide psychological support for children forced to change their country of residence

Let's work together to help refugee children get what they were deprived of because of the war. Follow the link, donate and don't forget to share the information with others:
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