Adriatic Camp is the territory of the peace for teenagers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro and other countries

Is it possible to place children in kindergarten, school? Is there an accessible environment for them?
In the summer, with the closure of schools for the vacations, this demand only increased. That's how the cooperation between Pristanište and Adriatic Camp arose - the territory of peace, safe dialogue and creativity, uniting teenagers aged 11-17 from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Montenegro and other countries.

‼️ The Pristanište Foundation received 18 appeals from parents of teenagers whose families were forced to leave their countries because of the war and now need help and special support, with a request to help them pay for this summer camp.

We already have 10 of our children in the first shift, and there will be more in the second shift.

We are continuing our fundraising efforts.
You can contribute at

The Foundation, children and their parents are immensely grateful to all involved.
The main priorities of Adriatic Camp are healthy communication, happy childhood and creative freedom - everything they need right now.

Feedback from parents of children who were on the first shift:
"I want to thank you for such a bright and unconventional holiday at the camp, where everything is thought out in detail, and creativity is just off the scale. Especially, I want to thank you for the music video "Embrace", which was enormously touching... My child was so happy about the atmosphere in the camp thanks to you and the counselors and your ability to unite the children into one big and happy family. This is what she wanted and was able to get it. Thank you for everything and thank you so much."

"The child seems to have had a very valuable time, which will only show up more😘 over time.
The intellectual environment for teens is priceless♥️"

"Wanted to thank you for a wonderful vacation for the child, she loved it!!! It really is a gift to us, the gift of incredible magnitude!"
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