Internal events: creating a space of peace

More than 1000 people, third of which are children, have found their temporary home and support in Pristanište. While providing shelter for refugees and IDPs with a roof over their heads, we are also creating a space of peace: where people can meet, share experiences and learn, where everyone is able to find something useful and helpful for themselves and their loved ones.

Our volunteers organize and manage various activities. Here are a few of them:
• Sports games for kids from the SuperTigers project allow the youngest participants to be more physically active and develop gross motor skills
• Singing group and English conversation club open up new horizons and points of communication for people
• Math and art history classes deepen the knowledge and broaden the horizons for both children and adults.

We are grateful to every volunteer whose efforts make Pristanište a place full of warmth and supportive assistance. If you have a will and possibility to share your knowledge, skills, or just want to spend some time in a way that benefits others, we are happy to welcome you in our team!
Also, we desperately need volunteers with fluent Montenegrin. Those who have just moved to Montenegro need a lot of help. We inspire you to join our community by filling out the application on our website.