Pristanište’s Friends Keep Helping Our Proteges

Our friends have raised and donated €430 to help our proteges.

  • A charity game, organized together by ‘Quiz, Please!’ and ‘City Quiz’, gave us €323 which would help us buy nine basic food packages for new proteges of our fund.

Pristanište’s volunteers had a great time playing the quiz which brought them a lot of positive emotions. And the team who came last was awarded with our branded tote bag!

And this was not all!

  • At an open meet-up with a tech recruiter in Budva, organized by the women’s community at Dukley, we put a donation box and, thanks to the participants of the event, we were able to raise €62.
  • Our friends from Montenegro European Art Community held a performative reading of a play by the L.O.F.T. theater and raised €45 for us. Just think about it: this will be enough to provide SIM cards for seven people coming to Montenegro for the first time.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our friends for their help. Without your support, our work would have been so much harder. Thank you for being here for us.

Dear friends, you can support us remotely by making an online donation on our website.

€35 will pay for a basic food package for a small family. €15 will pay for a SIM card and help one person to be able to communicate and stay in touch in a new country.

Your donations help us support many people by providing them with the essentials necessary to get them through their first few days here.