In-house activities in Pristaniste: Montenegrin language lessons by Jelena Zelinska

Elena Zelinska, author of the Serbian language phrasebook «50 Useful Dialogues» and books about the Balkans, conducts express Montenegrin language courses for the residents of Pristaniste.

Jelena’s approach is to take an interest in each student, in each individual. She believes that the most important thing is to overcome the fear of making mistakes, because language is an instrument of communication. That’s why Jelena’s students boldly apply their knowledge from the first day of class.

She started teaching Montenegrin language in March 2022.

«At that moment it was an urgent necessity. I was used to making a decisive choice — and then it turned out that it was in high demand! So I had to,» says Elena. — What does it give me? I have kept my sanity. There is a constant feeling of being needed by people, a sense of community. I would never have been able to cope with such a load if it hadn’t been for the support of my family and friends».

Graduates of the course note that after intensive classes they have learned not only to understand Montenegrin speech, but also to speak themselves. We would like to thank our friend, volunteer Elena for her sensitivity and willingness to share her knowledge!

Friends, we are very much in need of teachers who could teach the residents of Pristanishte the basics of Montenegrin language. All of them have just arrived in a completely unfamiliar country and need such support.

If you have a good knowledge of Montenegrin language and you are ready to teach it in our Pristanishte , fill in the form and we will contact you.