The meeting with Shenderovich. Texts and conversations.

From the bottom of the heart we want to thank Viktor Shenderovich and all those, who took part in the organization, and, those, who came to Podrum to enjoy this incredible meeting, to speak about important things.

No doubt all of us spent the beautiful evening and mentally enriched: there was so much wisdom, talent, kindness and light, that we wanted to listen more and more and recharge with hope for the best and kind energy!

“How could he manage to predict this all? How can he speak so that every spectator thinks it is he who is addressed? Colossal energy boost! It`s funny to tears. Goosebump alert!” – This is the way the event visitors describe Victor.

Moreover, we managed to collect 1545 euro to help the refugees who had been forced to leave their countries because of the war. Due to this the other families would be able to receive such important help.

The final accord was Viktor`s speech which conquered the hearts:

“You shouldn`t let despair fill you up. I see all around how wonderful people burn out, how despair overcomes people. As you know, despair is a deadly sin. Don't let yourself be manipulated, let`s trust ourselves, let`s trust our personal sense of justice, personal sense of goodness. May be you even make a mistake, but it`s better for a person to make mistakes being himself, than to act according somebody`s will.

I would like to call for cheerfulness and say that such evening like today strengthens me, and, I hope that for you it is also for the joy and benefit”.

All funds raised from the event were given to help the refugees, thank you Viktor again

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